Modern Warships PC Version - Pioneer packs

Take the opportunity to buy pioneer packs with unique content!

In honor of the launch of the OBT (open beta testing) of the PC version of the game, we have prepared special and limited time bundles for you, including the most powerful ships in the game, colorful skins specially created by our artists for them, as well as unique commemorative custom avatars reflecting the strength and unwavering spirit of fleet commanders. These avatars are designed to emphasize players' participation in the game's open beta, and can only be obtained by purchasing special offers during the testing period.

You can purchase bundles with unique content by clicking on the links below:

Fleet Admiral Bundle “JS Yamato Aegis”

  • JS Yamato Aegis” Battleship
  • “Midnight Vanquisher” Skin
  • “Takeji Matsuda“ Portrait

Captain Bundle “CN DDG-203 Kylin”

  • “CN DDG-203 Kylin” Destroyer
  • “Dragon Boat” Skin
  • “Deng Shichang“ Portrait

Vice Admiral Bundle “RF Project 2145”

  • “RF Project 2145” Destroyer
  • “Infernal” Skin
  • “Nikolay Kuznetsov“ Portrait

Captain Bundle “FS Swordship”

  • “FS Swordship” Destroyer
  • “Artstorm” Skin
  • “Charles McVay“ Portrait