Update 0.72 rogue shades

A new Battle Pass season, winter map, redesigned UI and much more await you!

Battle Pass: Rogue Shades

  • The new season of the Battle Pass is available from October 1 to October 31. Discover the opportunity to pass 40 stages of the BP, each of them giving you access to valuable prizes.
  • Become the best and get the main award of the season - the destroyer RF Admiral Basisty!
  • All players who have completed the Battle Pass to the end can get the main award of the season.
  • Buying the Premium Battle Pass will unlock 5 stages of the Battle Pass and immediately unlock the opportunity to get the unique award of the fourth stage - the Samuel Evans avatar.
  • Buying a VIP Battle Pass unlocks 10 stages of the BP and immediately unlocks access to 4 unique rewards, which we'll talk about below.
  • Complete daily missions and unlock unique rewards, including the epic destroyer RF Admiral Basisty!

New map - Monstrous Maelstrom!

Engage in battle amongst the snowy, rocky fjords! The size of the map and plenty of hiding places will ensure an exciting game for different ship classes. Don't forget to dress warm!

The destroyer class ship RF Admiral Basisty (Project 1155.1)

T3, available in the free part of the Battle Pass.


1. "P-700 Granit" missiles [2x1]

2. "AK-130 (130 mm)" guns. [2x1]

3. "RBU-12000 (300 mm)" bombs. [3x1]

4. "TE-2-03 (533 mm)" torpedoes. [2x1] (locked)

5. Helicopter "KA-58" [1x1]

6. Air Defense "3M89 Palash (30 mm)" [4x1]

7. Mine missile air defense "3K95 Kinzhal" [2x1] (locked)


The Project 1155.1 large anti-submarine vessel is a further development of Project 1155. The ship retained its anti-submarine armament, but gained anti-ship capabilities, more powerful artillery and air defence equipment. It is one of the few ships to have two guns in the bow, allowing it to fight effectively from shelters without exposing the entire side of the ship, and the TE-2-03 torpedoes have high speed and fast reloading.

INS Visakhapatnam (D66) destroyer class ship

T3, available in the in-game store for dollars.


1. "P-700 Granit" missiles [2x1].

2. "P-700 Granit" missiles [1x1].

3. "Mark-45-Mod 4 (127 mm)" gun. [1x1]

4. "RBU-12000 (300 mm)" bombs. [2x1]

5. Torpedoes "Varunastra (533 mm)" [2x1] (locked)

6. Helicopter "KA-58" [1x1]

7. Air defense "M-22 Uragan" [3x1].

8. Air Defense "M-22 Uragan" [2x1]

9. Mine missile air defense "Barak 8" [2x1] (locked)


Flagship and first of a series of Visakhapatnam class destroyers for the Indian Navy. The ship aims to perform a wide range of missions including defense against air and anti-submarine threats. The Varunastra torpedoes also have a high maximum speed and durability and are one of the best torpedoes in the heavy class in terms of DPM.

F/A-18E/F Super Hornet attack aircraft

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


1. "M61A2 Vulcan (20mm)" aircraft cannons

2. AGM-158C LRASM air-to-surface missiles

3. QS-ER aircraft-launched sea mine

4. GBU-24 Paveway III air-to-surface floating bombs


A deck-based fighter-bomber and attack aircraft, a major redesign of the F/A-18 Hornet fighter. It is largely a new aircraft with more powerful active radars and a completely new electronic suite. The AGM-158C LRASM missiles are excellent for attacking the enemy from long range. The bomb armament of the aircraft is represented by the QS-ER planned depth bombs, which can attack submarines in an underwater position and are not diverted by traps, and the GBU-24 Paveway III laser guided bombs. The M61A2 Vulcan rapid-fire air cannon will provide rapid damage without the need to slow down at the target.

MH-47N Chinook helicopter

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.

1. M24A1 (20mm) air cannon

2. "M134 Minigun aircraft cannon.

3. "Mark-54 torpedoes.

4. LAU-68F NARA unit.


Designed as a helicopter for U.S. Navy Special Operations Forces and also equipped as an anti-submarine helicopter with additional armament mounts. The helicopter's firearms are represented by two types of aircraft cannons. The fast-firing M134 miniguns can inflict damage quickly and fire at enemy aircraft, while the M24A1, with its cantilevered barrels, fires in a straight line but inflicts high damage and is focused on attacking surface targets. The dense fire from the aircraft guns is supported by a pair of NAR units, and against submarines there is always a pair of Mark-54 torpedoes.

RPK-1 Vikhr missile system

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


Soviet ship-based anti-submarine missile system. The missiles of the complex are equipped with a nuclear warhead and automatic guidance against surface and underwater targets.

Skat drone

T2, available in the in-game store for dollars.


1. GSh-6-30 aircraft cannon (30mm)

2. X-MD-E air-to-ground missiles.

3. X-MD-E air-to-ground missiles.

4. X-31 AD air-to-ground missiles 4.


A stealth drone concept being developed for the Russian Ministry of Defence. The project has been temporarily shelved. The second squadron now has a choice of drones, with the new drone having slightly lower endurance but significantly higher speed and manoeuvrability than its classmate, the MQ-9 Reaper. The GSh-6-30 air cannon has excellent accuracy and provides additional damage.

SMART anti-submarine missile (324mm):

T2, available in the in-game store for dollars.


Indian vertical launch anti-submarine missile. Contains a torpedo that is parachuted in close proximity to a specified target.

Malafon (533mm) anti-submarine system:

T2, available in the in-game store for dollars.


French shipboard anti-submarine system. Launches a torpedo missile at the target.

Ikara (324mm) anti-submarine system:

T3, available in the in-game store for dollars.


Australian shipboard anti-submarine system. Launches a torpedo missile at the target.

Sinister Night camouflage

Available in VIP Battle Pass. Can be applied to all ships.

Stay alert or they will get you! These evil monsters are merciless. Enjoy a peaceful night at sea while you can...

Spiderweb camouflage

Available in the Premium Battle Pass. Can be applied to all ships.

Enter a web of adventure and mystery. Let spidery eyes lure your unfriendly neighbours into cunning mind games.

The legendary Samuel Evans avatar:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

Evans proudly served in the Air Force for many years and achieved great heights. Not every mission was successful in his early years, but he overcame, moved on, learned and adapted. Now, when you need someone with impeccable determination and a high probability of success, you know who to turn to. A unique portrait from the Battlepass of Imaginary Shadows

The legendary Boris Yanetskiy avatar:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

Janetsky has worked hard to become an Admiral. Wise and old, he carries himself with dignity and shows no weakness. Every scar on his body tells a story of incredibly hard fighting and fierce bravery. He is always happy to sit down and tell these stories.

Jason Ortega's epic avatar:

Available in the free part of the Battle Pass.

A rough and brutal combat expert. Ortega has trained hundreds of troopers for major operations. He has faithfully served on the same ship throughout his career as a Master Chief and considers it one of the best ships to serve on. He considers it his home.

Fedor Bodrov's epic avatar:

Available in the free part of the Battle Pass.

A young talent from the engine room. Bodrov has always had a keen interest in machinery. Growing up in a family of car mechanics, he had a rich platform from which to hone his skills. After joining the Navy, Fyodor became one of those rare specialists who can literally hear the ship and what goes on inside it - as if the ship were a living animal.

Flags added:

  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Cuba


  • The game interface has been redesigned. The new design aims to standardise typical window transitions. Access to the equipment and inventory store is now possible by selecting equipment in ship slots.
  • New mechanics introduced are rocket torpedoes and anti-torpedo consumable. Read more about them in this article.
  • Added profanity filter. Now swear words in chat are replaced with special characters.
  • Added new matchmaking for tier II and III. Starting with version 0.72, matchmaking will sort players based on the new "Combat Power" parameter, as well as a player's skill. The aim is to make the matchmaking process as fair as possible and to balance the strength of the teams.

⚒ BugFixes:

  • Made corrections to 30 project analysis errors.
  • Upgrade indicator could light up on a fully upgraded ship - fixed.
  • Fixed camera on H8 bomber in zoom mode.
  • There was no music on deathmatch maps - fixed.
  • When destroying the CN DDG-203 Kylin ship, the dragon texture was missing from the skin - fixed.
  • A number of cosmetic changes have been made to the Two Samurai and Viking Bay maps.