Modern Warships: Unidentified threat

Danger looms over Earth. One of the factions has taken possession of the remains of an unidentified flying object that proves the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization. The key to survival will be given to the faction that delivered to the port and investigated the object first.

It's time to unite in the fight against the unknown and defend our right to exist in the universe!

Event Description

  • Play in Escort mode, Team Death Match or Squad Wars, get special points and earn the Salvage parts you need to complete the event.
  • Every day there is an additional x5 bonus on the first 10 fights.
  • You can also purchase Boosters, which are valid for 1 hour and give you 20% more Salvage parts after matches.
  • Don't forget to complete Missions!
  • Get Authorization Keys in Event Passes or in Special Offers.
  • Open Classified Cargo and get rewards!
  • Collect Drone Battery in Escort mode or by completing Missions.
  • Unlock the Delivery Drone to get even more rewards.
  • The event will run from 13 to 27 May, 06:59 UTC.

Escort mode

Here the battle revolves around a strategic cargo. The goal of the escort team is to deliver the cargo to the port, and the goal of the interception team is to destroy it. The team that completes the mission wins.

  • Maps for the mode: Arid Frontier, Two Samurai, Monstrous Malström, Arctic.
  • The goal of the escort team is to deliver the cargo to the port.
  • The goal of the interception team is to destroy the cargo.
  • The cargo moves along a fixed route on the map.
  • There are checkpoints along the way.
  • When reaching a checkpoint, the escort team changes the resurrection point.
  • The escort team receives points for each checkpoint they pass.
  • The interception team gets points for each cargo destroyed.
  • Victory is achieved by completing the task set for the team.

Event Rewards

The main prize of the event will be a new American MH-60L DAP helicopter, modified for special operations forces. The main purpose of this vehicle is powerful artillery support. To work on surface targets, two 30-millimetre M-230 guns are placed on its consoles. These guns fire from a decent distance compared to their counterparts, and cause significant damage. There are also two six-barrel M-134 Minigun machine guns, which can literally take out any aerial target at a moment's notice. They can be used to fire on ships while the main guns reload. Guided and unguided missiles are also carried on the outer pods. The AGM-179 can be fired at an enemy ship from a distance, beyond the range of its air defences, while the M299 launcher with 70mm unguided rockets is a great help at close range.

This helicopter is available to all players who have made it to the end of the Event Pass!

As the event progresses, players will have access to a rare "UFO" flag featuring an unidentified flying object, an epic Gianna Frazier avatar, a rare "Alien" camouflage, and an epic "Interceptor" title.

The Naval Courage Bundle

The legendary German 'pocket battleship' of WWII has been upgraded for modern battles. Admiral Graf Spee's formidable armament and unrivalled speed allowed her to dominate the enemy. The modernisation package retains the general concept of compact size and powerful artillery armament. The cruiser is much smaller than the classic battleships, but it has two triple turrets with a main calibre of 283 mm! Fast reloading, high accuracy and increased gunnery speed ensure excellent performance even on the modern battlefield. It carries a wide range of weapons for all maritime operations, including 300mm MGS Launcher bombs, DM2A4 SeaHake Mod 4 torpedoes and a dual missile slot for surface targets. This versatile fighter offers superior performance, powerful armament and a wide range of air defence systems.

  • You can purchase Admiral Graf Spee during the event.
  • The greater the progress of the Event Pass, the more favorable the purchase will be!
  • The maximum discount is 90%. You can get this cruiser only once during the event.

The Cosmic Identity Bundle

Decorate your fleet with unique Infinite Space camouflage and fly the Galaxy flag high above the deck of your ship. Shine brighter than the stars and make your enemies tremble anywhere in the universe!

Classified cargo

Crack open the classified cargo to get rare and epic items!

  • A new model of the M270 multiple rocket launcher capable of firing at both surface targets and submarines.
  • OSU-35K multipurpose anti-aircraft artillery system
  • DF-12 nuclear ballistic missile with extended range.
  • Legendary Brass camouflage.
  • A rare "UFO" flag
  • Artcoins, boosters, and a drone battery.

The grand prize of the lottery is the new American destroyer Jack H Lucas! This is an Arleigh Burke-class ship of the Flight III modification with guided missile armament and extended target detection radius. It is designed for massive missile attacks from both the front and second lines. The ship has a triple slot for free-floating missile launchers in the bow and an additional slot with pre-installed RIM-174C missiles, providing high effectiveness against both surface and air targets. The air defence system provides protection against airborne threats. Used properly, the destroyer can successfully engage air attacks and even break through to enemy carriers for a radical solution.


Используйте батарею для дрона, чтобы активировать дрона-доставщика и получить ценные награды! Внутри вас ждёт:

  • Противолодочная ракета вертикального старта Red Shark калибра 382 миллиметра, несущая в себе торпеду
  • Сверхзвуковой стратегический бомбардировщик ТУ-160М, способный применять новейшее вооружение
  • Легендарный камуфляж «Медь», эффектно выделяющий корабль на поле боя.
  • Арткоины, доллары, улучшения, Ключи авторизации и Обломки.

Delivery drone

Use the drone battery to activate the delivery drone and get valuable rewards! Inside you will find:

  • Red Shark 382 millimetre vertical-launch anti-submarine missile carrying a torpedo
  • TU-160M supersonic strategic bomber capable of carrying the latest weapons
  • Legendary Copper camouflage that makes the ship stand out on the battlefield.
  • Artcoins, Dollars, Upgrades, Authorization Keys, and Salvage parts.

As a reward for ranking prizes, players will receive exclusive event avatars and titles.

The top players from the Classified Cargo leaderboard will receive:

  • Legendary avatar Sofia Dixon
  • Epic avatar Martin Pullman
  • Rare avatar Jerry Altman
  • Legendary title Ufologist

The best players from the Delivery drone leaderboard will receive:

  • Legendary avatar Ba'klot Arcgon
  • Epic camouflage Galaxy trace
  • Legendary title Mercenary

We hope that this information will be useful to you when passing the Event Pass and getting the rarest rewards.

Good luck, Commanders!