Modern Warships: Winter Games (0.75.0)

Celebrate winter by competing against other members in the Winter Games, and have fun with the updated Domination Mode!

Event description

  • Take part in the Winter Games and show everyone who's the champion!
  • Play in Domination, Quick Game, Offline Game, or Squadron Wars modes to earn special points and the Flame Torches you need to pass the Participant Pass.
  • There is an additional x5 bonus on the first 10 battles each day.
  • Don't forget to complete missions!
  • Earn Marksman Tokens and improve your marksmanship by participating in the Shooting Range. Trade Marksman Tokens with Marek Jezek to climb the leaderboards and receive unique event avatars and other valuable rewards!
  • Marksman Tokens can be obtained by completing the Participant Pass and can also be purchased from special event offers.
  • Earn Gold Rings by competing in Domination Mode and by completing missions. Participate in the Ski Ring Toss to earn Epic and Legendary Items.
  • Destroy the Airship in special missions to earn the title of Medalist!
  • The event runs from the 15th to the 26th of January at 06:59 UTC.

Domination Mode

Battle your opponents in the updated Domination Mode. Collect points and resurrect after death. Play the new mode with friends in squads of up to 3 players!

  • Maps for the mode: Mystery Bay, Two Samurai, Monstrous Malström, Lost City.
  • The mode can be played with a maximum squad size of 3 players.
  • Each player has 3 lives.
  • At the start of the battle, each team has 500 capture points.
  • A death in a team reduces the capture points by 20.
  • There are three control points on the map.
  • To capture a point, you must sail your ship into its control zone.
  • If players from opposing teams are in the zone at the same time, the capture stops.
  • Containers with various bonuses and buffs are scattered around the map.
  • Victory is achieved by reducing enemy capture points to 0 or destroying all enemy ships.


  • Shoot down the airship for special points and to climb the leaderboard.
  • The airship is an aerial target and can only be attacked with non-target weapons.
  • Improve your sniper skills by firing at the airship with classic artillery and grenade launchers!

Event Rewards

The top prize of the Winter Games event will be the YAK141. Soviet multi-purpose supersonic all-weather vertical/short takeoff and landing deck strike fighter. The presence of several powerful UAM missiles and the GSh-23M double-barreled cannon makes any encounter with it deadly.

This Strike Fighter is available to all players who have completed the Participant Pass.

As the event progresses, players will unlock a unique Flame Torch flag and Nora Daalmans avatar, an FQF-6000 grenade launcher and other valuable rewards.

Pan Spatial REDRUM - concept of a stealth hydrofoil destroyer. The primary objective is to search and destroy submarines. The ship is able to reach high speed due to underwater hydrofoils, which create lifting force and lift the hull of the ship above the water surface, reducing movement resistance.

  • You can buy the Pan Spatial REDRUM during the event.
  • The more progress you make with your Participant Pass, the cheaper the purchase will be!
  • The maximum discount is 90%. You can only purchase this destroyer once during the event.

Victorious Bundle

The set includes the unique Winter Games camouflage, the Gold Medal flag and 25 marksman tokens needed to take part in the Target Practice.

Target Practice

Enhance your marksmanship by participating in Target Practice lead by the legend Marek Jezek. Exchange your Marksman Tokens and see what rewards you can get!

  • Future project of the Chinese flat-bottomed destroyer - Type 058.
  • A220M is a Russian 57 mm calibre single-gun shipboard artillery system. Delivers high-velocity rounds with good cluster accuracy for medium-range applications.
  • Russian short-range quasi-ballistic solid-propellant missile - Iskander - develops hypersonic speed at the end of the flight.
  • Unique "Flame Torch" flag
  • Dollars, Artcoins, upgrade points and repair kits.

The super prize of the lottery is concept of a stealth drone carrier warship - UXV Combatant. The ship has two runways for launching attack drones and drones for target acquisition and for remote launching ship-based missiles at the enemy.

Ski Ring Toss

Isko Aquino is considered a skilful skier and a great coach. To help the participants of the Winter Games get into the spirit of the event, he has made a cool warm-up game - Ski Ring Throwing. All those who succeed in the game will of course be rewarded.

  • FL71 - Chinese stealth supersonic drone.
  • Type89 - Japanese heavy torpedo with active and passive homing modes.
  • RapidFire, a highly effective 40mm multi-purpose artillery system designed as a response to new threats.
  • Flame Torches required to complete the Event Pass, as well as additional Marksman Token.
  • Artcoins, Dollars and Repair Kits

As a reward for ranking prizes, players will receive exclusive event avatars.

"Best of the Best" is an epic camouflage reward for players ranked 1-30 in the Ski Ring Toss leaderboard.

We hope that this information will be useful to you when passing the Event Pass and getting the rarest rewards.

Good luck, Commanders!