Modern Warships 0.75 Frozen Gale

New Battle Pass season, monochrome camouflages, updated marketplace - this and much more awaits you in the January update.

Battle Pass: Frozen Gale

  • The new season of the Battle Pass is available from January 1 to January 31. Discover the opportunity to complete 40 stages of the BP, each of which gives you access to valuable prizes.
  • Be the best and win the season's top reward - the cruiser USS Long Beach (CGN-9)!
  • The main reward of the season is available to all players who complete the Battle Pass.
  • Purchasing the Premium Battle Pass unlocks 5 levels of BP, giving you the opportunity to receive the unique fourth stage reward - an epic avatar of Egor Gusev.
  • Buying a VIP Battle Pass unlocks 10 levels of BP and instantly gives you access to 4 unique rewards, which we'll talk about below.
  • Complete daily missions and unlock unique rewards, including the epic cruiser USS Long Beach (CGN-9)!

Cruiser USS Long Beach (CGN-9):

T3, available in the free part of the Battle Pass.


  1. CHAMP Missiles [2x1]
  2. CHAMP missiles [2x1]
  3. Mk30 5/38 DP (127mm) guns [2x1] (locked)
  4. RUR-5B ASROC grenade launcher [3x1]
  5. Mark-48 torpedo [1x1]
  6. RAH-66 Comanche helicopter [1x1]
  7. Air Defense RIM-66E [2x1] (locked)
  8. Sea RAM Air Defense [2x1]


US Navy nuclear-powered missile cruiser. The world's first nuclear-powered surface combatant. Originally designed as a missile ship to provide air defence for carrier formations. In the game, the ship will impress with its multi-functionality and versatility. The cruiser is equipped with three RUR-5B ASROC multiple launch rocket systems and a Mark-48 torpedo bay for anti-submarine warfare. A pair of exclusive American Mk30 5/38 DP 127mm calibre single-barrel guns are considered the finest medium-calibre dual-purpose naval guns, capable of firing at both surface and air targets. Two dual missile bays provide the cruiser with a flexible configuration to meet any combat mission. The ship's air defence is represented by two points with Sea RAM missile systems, as well as a pair of exclusive "RIM-66E" with SM-1ER missile with extended range and upper stage.

NH-90 NHF helicopter:

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


  1. Giat AM (30mm) aircraft cannon. A revolver aircraft cannon with electric ignition and automatic reloading, capable of firing at both air and ground targets.
  2. HOT3 ATGM. Franco-German guided anti-tank missile.
  3. Type 155 SNEB (68mm) UAM launcher. French launcher for 68mm calibre unguided air-to-air missiles.
  4. MU-90 torpedo. Franco-Italian advanced 3rd generation light anti-submarine torpedo. It can be mounted on ships and various types of aircraft and helicopters.


A medium twin-engine multi-purpose attack helicopter developed by a Franco-German consortium. The NHF version is specialised to engage air, surface and underwater targets. The Giat AM 30mm revolver cannon will help repel enemy air attacks. To engage surface targets, there is a HOT3 complex with guided anti-tank missiles and a Type 155 SNEB launcher equipped with 68mm unguided missiles. Against submarines, the helicopter carries a MU-90 light anti-submarine torpedo of the 3rd generation. During an attack, the helicopter fires 2 high-speed torpedoes simultaneously at the target.

MiG-41M Super Fulmar strike fighter:

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


  1. 9A1-4071K (30mm) aircraft cannon. Modernised version of the GSh-30-1 aircraft cannon.
  2. X-38 air-to-ground missiles. Russian short-range air-to-ground missile.
  3. The 9K121M Vikhr-M anti-tank missile. Modernised anti-tank missile system. Designed to destroy armoured vehicles and air targets.
  4. The Grom-E2 planning bombs. High-precision long-range bomb with deployable wings, based on the Kh-38 missile.
  5. R-93M air-to-air missiles. Prototype of a compact, highly manoeuvrable, close-in air-to-air missile.


Attack variant of the sixth generation multi-role fighter-interceptor. The aircraft is equipped with advanced weapons to engage ground and surface targets. At long range, the aircraft can launch high-precision Grom-E2 (Grom-E-2) long-range guided bombs, as well as missiles of the modernised 9K121M Vikhr-M anti-tank missile system, which can successfully engage not only surface but also air targets. Two X-38 air-to-surface missiles and a 30mm calibre 9A1-4071K air cannon are carried for close-range engagement.

Bofors L/50 (120mm) cannon:

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


Swedish 120 millimetre shipboard versatile 120 millimetre automatic artillery with a higher rate of fire than other modern naval guns.

C-AS MLRS Grenade Launcher:

T3, available in the Premium Battle Pass.


Multi-purpose, all-weather Israeli system for intercepting enemy aircraft. It can also be used successfully against surface targets. This system can be used to quickly repel air attacks, but can also focus on countering enemy surface ships.

Legendary Nordic Nobility camouflage:

Available in VIP Battle Pass. Can be applied to all ships.

Let Viking might crush your enemies when equipped with this masterfully crafted camouflage.

Epic Quintessence Camouflage:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass. Can be applied to all ships.

Nothing can be more beautiful than the mysterious essence of the unknown surrounding you in a tense battle, giving you the calm and strength to defeat the fiercest of enemies.

Rare Reptile Camouflage:

Available in the free part of the Battle Pass. Can be applied to all ships.

Be slick as a snake and strike your enemies down with one precise sharp hit.

Claude Delaunay's legendary avatar:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

The man behind the aviation unti on his ship. Years of experience and hard battles made him a reliable and loyal leader. Success is always ensured with Claude in charge. Unique portrait from the "Frozen Gale" Battle Pass.

Egor Gusev's epic avatar:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

Your birds will always be top-notch if your maintenance administrator is Egor. He always had a keen eye on anything mechanical. Gusev is one these people who can literally hear when something is wrong with the bird and precisely identify the problem. Unique portrait from the "Frozen Gale" Battle Pass.

A rare avatar of Nashua Hammington:

Available in the free part of the Battle Pass.

Nashua is a skilled corpsman and believes that every conflict can have a peaceful solution. He also leads a first aid course on his ship and always glad to teach advanced knowledge as you never know when it might come in handy during deployment. Unique portrait from the "Frozen Gale" Battle Pass.

Vault Battle Pass

Two new seasons have been added to the Pass Vault: April and May. Both will provide players with valuable VIP rewards from previous Battle Passes, customisation items, and the USS Constitution II (DDR-2000) and FGS F127. These two familiar ships will receive a number of enhancements in this update, allowing them to successfully compete with the most advanced ships in the modern warship world.

The USS Constitution II (DDR-2000) will receive an additional missile in its current slot, giving it a 2+2 missile system. The ship also gets a speed boost of a few knots. The ship's exclusive equipment has also been significantly improved:

  • The RIM-200 and RIM-162 ESSM naval missile systems have received increases in range, damage, missile speed, and better targeting.
  • The MJ-7 railguns now have a faster lead, a slightly shorter delay before firing, and have also received an increase in damage and critical damage chance.

The bold FGS F127 frigate has also been buffed. The ship has received a significant increase in strength, improved ship manoeuvrability, and increased target range. The ship's unique equipment has also received a number of enhancements:

  • The ship's MRPG Konig cannon has received a damage boost, increased critical damage chance, and increased projectile velocity to the target.
  • The ship's NASAMS air defence system has been improved in key areas: the damage per missile has been increased, the system's recharge time has been reduced, and the missile's range and flight speed have been increased.

🛠 Additionally:

  • Following numerous requests from the gaming community, we have added a whole range of monochrome camouflages to the game, which are available to every player. Among the camouflages you will find not only the long-awaited White Camouflage, but also many other bright colors that will transform the appearance of your ship.
  1. White
  2. Gray
  3. Red
  4. Orange
  5. Yellow
  6. Green
  7. Blue
  8. Purple
  9. Beige
  • Progression changes: We've accelerated the progression of starting levels to help aspiring commanders reach new heights more quickly. Some starting levels now require less experience to reach. Some players may find that their level has increased automatically.
  • Updated Marketplace: Meet the Maker - your new marketplace assistant! Now you can sell your ships instantly without having to wait for buyers. Don't forget the extra speed commission. We've also updated the Marketplace's visual style to make it easier to use and more modern. All active lots on the marketplace are now visible.
  • Redesign of the Premium Shop: The store has been given an updated and modern interface. We have grouped some categories to improve store navigation and make room for new categories.

🛠 Bugfixes:

  • Made changes to 20 bugs in the project analysis.
  • Made a number of changes to the updated post-war city map.
  • Fixed scrolling issues in the clan creation window.
  • TB001A drone had no landing gear in the harbour - fixed.
  • A submarine could surface without activating the rollback time when using the projectile watch function - fixed.
  • The button to disable the monitor skin effect in the PC version didn't work - fixed.
  • Laser-guided missiles could miss Type 26 - fixed.
  • When destroying a Ka-27 helicopter, it would turn into a model of a destroyed SH-60 Sea Hawk - fixed.
  • ROKS CVX ship could not display camouflage in combat - fixed.
  • In the underwater passage of the Two Samurai map, it was possible to fire torpedoes through the rocks at the enemy - fixed.
  • The "Change Clan Name" button could be inactive when used - fixed.
  • The Tornado was displayed as a separate object on the mini-map of the updated City After War map - fixed.
  • Royal Legacy camouflage could be displayed incorrectly on aircraft - fixed.
  • Changing a setting in the Clan Fields used to reset the rest of the changes - fixed.
  • The position of missiles relative to the pylons of the F-18 Hornet fighter has been corrected.