Modern Warships - 0.81

A new Battle Pass season, a new ship class, a "Favorites" filter for equipment - this and much more awaits you in the July update!

Battle Pass: Maritime Mavericks

  • The new season of Battle Pass is available July 1 through July 31. Discover the opportunity to complete 40 BP stages, each of which gives you access to valuable prizes.
  • Become the best and get the main reward of the season - Japanese JS Katori assault landing ship.
  • The main reward of the season can be obtained by absolutely all players who have completed the Battle Pass to the end.
  • Buying the Premium Battle Pass will unlock 5 stages of the Battle Pass, giving you the opportunity to get the unique reward of the fourth stage - the epic James Cook avatar.
  • Buying the VIP Battle Pass opens up 10 stages of the BP and immediately unlocks access to 4 unique rewards, which we'll talk about below.
  • Complete daily missions and unlock unique rewards, including the epic JS Katori assault landing ship!

JS Katori assault landing ship:

T3, available in the free part of the Battle Pass.

In the near future, we plan to introduce a number of new warship classes with original mechanics that will have their own unique characteristics and will add a great deal of variety to the gameplay. We are excited to introduce a new class of warship, the Assault Landing Ship, which will be available in the new season of the Battle Pass. With the recent rapid advances in technology and the optimisation of military budgets, new naval doctrines have seen a shift from highly specialised ships to multi-purpose modular ships that can perform a wide range of combat missions. Transport and amphibious ships are no exception. The new concept is to build heavy transport and landing ships with a high degree of autonomy, survivability and protection, where the ship will be able to perform tasks independently without the need for support and cover from allied ships, by placing on board a large number of different weapons and complexes to ensure the protection of the ship. The basis for the construction of Assault Landing Ships is military transport and landing ships with reinforced hulls and a large volume of internal space for the placement and transfer of various types of weapons.


  1. Type 40 JHGV missiles. [2x1]
  2. RG-30 Mk2 (127mm) cannons [2x1] (locked)
  3. RUR-5B ASROC grenade launcher [2x1]
  4. Type 101 Unmanned underwater vehicle [1x1]
  5. RAH-66 Comanche helicopter [1x1]
  6. RAH-66 Comanche helicopter [1x1]
  7. Oerlikon Millenium autocannons [2x1]
  8. Sea RAM anti-aircraft missiles [5x1]
  9. RIM-161 Block IIB air defence. [2x1] locked


The game features the first representative of a new class of ship - the Japanese assault ship JS Katori. The ship is equipped with a wide range of weapons, such as anti-ship missiles, bombs, naval artillery systems of main and auxiliary calibres, which are familiar to players and do not require any special introduction. A large number of automatic cannons and air defence systems on the ship's perimeter will provide the ship with adequate defence against all types of threats. The helicopter deck of the ship allows 2 attack helicopters to be placed on board at the same time. The main feature of the ship is its landing compartment, which is adapted for the transport and landing of unmanned underwater vehicles. In this case, the ship is equipped with the Japanese Type 101 multipurpose unmanned underwater vehicle to detect and attack enemy targets. Yes, you are not mistaken - with the introduction of a new class of ships for the game will be available and a new type of weapon - unmanned, naval attack and reconnaissance drones. The drone can be launched and perform combat missions both in autonomous mode and under the direct control of the player. "Type 101 is a smaller version of the submarine that can move both on the surface and underwater. It is equipped with a missile and torpedo armament. The UGM-84L Harpoon underwater missiles allow you to attack from below the water column, and the Type 97 lightweight torpedoes are a great addition. The drone can also detect targets on its own, so feel free to leave the carrier ship behind an obstacle and go hunting! After a successful raid, the drone can be returned to the ship for repair and replenishment. To activate the drone's return to the ship, simply press the return button in the top right-hand corner - in this case, the drone will attempt to return to the ship on its own and the player will take control of the carrier, or you can return to the ship yourself - while controlling the drone, approach the jettison bay in the aft section, enter the illuminated area and enter the area to confirm the return. The drone will return to the ship, the repair and resupply process will begin, and the player will save the drone for the next raid.

Type 101 unmanned underwater vehicle:

T3, equipped on JS Katori.


  1. UGM-84L Harpoon missiles.
  2. Type 97 (324 mm) torpedoes.


Japanese multi-purpose unmanned underwater vehicle for detecting and striking enemy targets.

Pan Spatial Jacknife bomber:

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


  1. J-60 (60mm) air cannon.
  2. Cleaver AGM.
  3. Pike AGM.


Experimental supersonic sea-based strategic bomber with variable sweep wing. The airframe design features technical innovations such as variable position vertical stabilisers to achieve higher speeds and reduce radar visibility. The bomber's internal honeycomb bays carry two types of heavy anti-ship missiles: the Pike supersonic cruise missile with a cluster warhead and the Cleaver ultra-long-range missile. Both missiles are capable of hitting enemy targets beyond the detection and operation of enemy air defence systems, and the cluster munitions for the Pike missile have improved accuracy compared to other missiles with cluster warheads. In addition to the missile armament, the aircraft is equipped with two 60mm calibre J-60 heavy machine guns, which fire bursting projectiles with a radio fuse and cause additional damage to the area. These guns allow effective and efficient fire even after the missile warhead has been exhausted.

Pan Spatial Rhombat Strike fighter:

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


  1. RBC-40 (40mm) Aircraft Cannon
  2. RB-AS AGM
  4. RB LAU-70 (70mm) unguided ASM
  5. RB-AA AAM


Design of a multi-engine deck strike fighter with vertical take-off and landing capability. The multi-engine concept provides a significant increase in strike fighter survivability in the immediate area of active combat operations under dense enemy anti-aircraft fire. The strike fighter is capable of firing long-range AGM-158C LRASM anti-ship missiles, but is generally designed to perform a range of tasks in the littoral. The aircraft carries a 40mm calibre RBC-40 air-to-ground and air-to-air cannon. The RB-AA anti-aircraft missiles with active optical range finder and high jamming protection are used to clear the skies of enemy aircraft. Medium-range RB-AS anti-ship missiles are also unaffected by the release of enemy LTCs. Four RB LAU-70 units with 70mm calibre unguided missiles complete the weaponry, providing a barrage of fire at close range.

Centauro 155 (155 mm) cannon:

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


A naval variant of the Italian self-propelled artillery unit. In the game, this gun will be loved by players not only for its high single hit damage, but also for its additional shrapnel damage to the area. In the hands of experienced players, this gun can do a lot of damage to helicopters circling near the enemy ship.

RBU-2500 grenade launcher (212 mm):

T3, available in the Premium Battle Pass.


A Soviet naval grenade launcher designed to destroy enemy submarines and torpedoes. In the game, this grenade launcher will delight players with its comfortable firing characteristics, allowing them to fire at all areas of the complex with ease.

Legendary Sunken Ship camouflage:

Available in VIP Battle Pass.

Animated camouflage featuring an image of a sunken ship and a mysterious underwater world. This camouflage highlights the beauty of the seabed.

Epic Astrolabe Camouflage:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

Animated camouflage with wood panelling and an image of an antique navigational instrument, charged with the spirit of adventure.

Rare Old World Camouflage:

Available in the free part of the Battle Pass.

Camouflage featuring an image of an old world map. Helps you stand out effectively in battle and reminds you of times when every voyage promised new discoveries.

Pierre Tillier's rare avatar:

Available in the free part of the Battle Pass.

Honorary ocean explorer, photographer and avid nature lover.

Epic avatar James Cook:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

The famous discoverer who made three trips around the world.

Vasco da Gama's legendary avatar:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

The great navigator who first sailed by sea from Europe to India.

Vault Battle Pass:

This update adds another new season to the Vault Battle Pass: "Fury Outbreak", released in November 2023. Inside you will find valuable VIP awards and the British multi-purpose frigate HMS Glasgow (Type 26). This ship is effective against a variety of threats in combat, and with its exclusive RGM-84 Harpoon Block II medium-range missiles with enhanced electronic jamming protection, there is always a chance to inflict guaranteed damage.


The Greenlands map has been redesigned. We have completely updated the map and added a number of improvements. Ship spawn points, island locations and elevations remain the same. Everything else has been completely redesigned. The underwater world has been greatly improved.

Country flags

In this update, the flags of the following countries will be available for free sale for gold

  • Myanmar
  • Australia
  • South Africa
  • Bolivia

🛠 Additionally:

  • A new class of ship has been added - the Assault Landing Ship. This class is characterised by its ability to launch unmanned underwater and surface vehicles with its own set of weapons.
  • A favourites filter for equipment has been added. Navigating through your inventory and finding the equipment you need is now much easier.
  • Improved informative display of ship and equipment parameters. For new drones, as well as all types of aircraft, it is now possible to view weapons and their basic characteristics in the Lobby, Equipment Shop, Market and Offers.
  • Updated the Daily Rewards calendar - a new pool of rewards for players will be available after the current one is completed.
  • Added information about the limit for obtaining certain items in gachas, if there is such a limit.
  • Added pan-spatial flag (labelling) for all relevant items.
  • Tournament titles have been moved to a separate section in the editor. This allows the Hero and Legend titles to stand out even more among the other titles, as well as the titles of the winners of the MW 3rd Anniversary Tournament. Congratulations once again to the winners!
  • A separate chat room has been added for custom rooms.

🛠 Bugfixes:

  • Fixed a number of bugs related to project analysis.
  • Fixed an inability to send a squad invitation via general chat.
  • USS Enterprise was not displaying the Lightning skin - fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where a squad with multiple carriers could get into combat.
  • Fixed a bug where bot transactions were taken into account when displaying the Marketplace transaction graph (Buyout).
  • In Tandem Wars mode, the ability to give likes to other players after a battle was missing - fixed.
  • Improved performance in the chat window
  • Made a number of localisation fixes