Modern Warships: Seas of Prey 4

Commanders, we invite you to join Seas of Prey Renegades - the fourth season of the legendary survival show in Modern Warships!

This time the forces of chaos and order will meet for generous rewards. Proud heirs of a pirate dynasty against stern officers on the side of the law. The battles will be hot! Join the confrontation and prove your firepower in Tandem Wars mode!

Event Description

  • Play Tandem Wars, Team Deathmatch or Squad Wars modes and earn the Badges needed to complete the Event Pass.
  • Every day there is an additional x5 bonus on the first 10 battles.
  • You can also buy boosters, which last for 1 hour and give you 20% more badges after matches.
  • Complete Missions, earning additional Badges, Gold and Drone Fob needed to unlock the Deep Dive Drone and participate in the Event Leaderboard.
  • Unlock Stash Drones with Lockpicks, progress in the leaderboards, and earn unique rewards!
  • The Lockpicks needed to open the Stash Drone can be obtained by completing the Event Pass and can also be purchased in special event offers.
  • Drone Fobs, which can be used to call up a Deep Drone, are given as a reward for completing Missions and activities.
  • The event will run from June 7 to June 21, 06:59 UTC.

Tandem Wars Mode

  • Maps for the mode: Hidden Dragon, Two Samurai, Arctic, Viking Bay, Arid Frontier.
  • The mode allows solo players as well as squads with a maximum of 2 participants.
  • 10 minutes are allocated for the battle.
  • The winner is the team that scores 20 points first, or the team that has scored the most points at the end of the battle in time.
  • For destroying an enemy ship, the team is awarded 2 points.
  • For assistance in destroying an enemy ship, the team is awarded 1 point.
  • Containers with various bonuses and buffs are scattered around the map that will help you in battle.

Event Rewards

The main prize of the Seas of Prey Renegades event is the HVGP (Block I), an advanced Japanese long-range laser-guided hypersonic missile. The principle of playing with this missile is very similar to playing with the X-51 missile, but the parameters of this model are significantly different: reduced damage, faster reloading, higher safety margin, reduced launch speed and higher maximum flight speed make the new missile more accessible for use in various combat scenarios.

This missile can be obtained by absolutely all players who have passed to the end of the Event Pass!

As players progress through the event, they will unlock the rare "Bravery and Loyalty" flag, the epic Akihito Mitsu avatar, the rare "Gold and Flowers" camouflage, and the epic "Secret Agent" title.

Lord of the Deep Bundle

Prove your superiority with the next-generation attack submarine, JS Taigei. Its unparalleled speed ensures you can evade any pursuit, while its versatile arsenal allows you to conquer enemies of any size. Choose between devastating heavy torpedoes or swift anti-ship missiles to dominate the battlefield.

  • You can purchase JS Taigei during the event.
  • The higher the level of the Pass, the cheaper the purchase will be!
  • The maximum discount is 90%, and you can only purchase this ship once during the event.

Power of the Night Bundle

Show off your sophisticated taste with the captivating Midnight Citadel camouflage! Featuring a full moon, an impregnable fortress in the night, and flickering lights, this eye-catching camouflage is sure to impress. To complement this beauty, the bundle includes the elegant “Golden Peak” flag in black and gold tones. Elevate your style on the battlefield with this stunning combo!

The bundle also contains 15 lockpicks needed to open the Stash Drones.

Stash Drone

Intercept and open the Stash Drone with a lockpicks to get Rare and Epic items.

  • The French deck-launched supersonic attack aircraft with a diverse arsenal of weapons designed to engage surface targets - the Super Etendard.
  • The Russian A-220M (57mm) single-gun shipboard artillery system.
  • Akya (533mm) is an advanced heavy torpedo for the Turkish Navy.
  • Legendary Golden Peak flag.
  • Epic Grey-blue camouflage.
  • Drone Fobs, Premium Account and Boosters with Artcoins.

The super prize of the lottery is the FS Charles De Gaulle (R91), a French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the flagship of the French Navy. Equipped with a powerful power plant, it is compact in size, sufficiently mobile and able to quickly change position on the battlefield. The carrier has no offensive armament, but is equipped with a layered defensive armament, including three points with interchangeable Crotale R440 air defence systems, five points with pre-installed Sadral turrets and Sea Ceptor silo anti-aircraft missiles. In addition to the air defence systems, the ship has two helicopter mounting points. The main feature of the aircraft carrier is the ability to carry two attack aircraft, which, when properly deployed on the carrier, can make this ship an ultimatum unit at sea.

Deep Dive Drone

Use the Drone Fobs to trigger one of the Deep Dive Drones, carrying valuable rewards.

  • The Mi-24 SuperHind Mk.III is a thorough modernisation of the Mi-24 Hind helicopter, which was carried out in South Africa. The modernisation package combines advanced weapon systems, avionics and a number of weight reduction measures.
  • The JM61-RFS Dual (20mm) AA is the result of modernising the JM61-RFS by adding another six-barrel gun. The upgrade included an additional barrel, allowing for greater fire density and more effective interception of airborne threats.
  • Epic Khaki Olive camo.
  • Badges required to complete the Event Pass, as well as additional Drone fobs and Lockpicks.
  • Artcoins and Dollars required for market transactions.

В награду за призовые места в рейтинге игроки получат эксклюзивные аватары события.

Рекордсмены по количеству открытий Дрона-тайника смогут получить:

  • Легендарный аватар Чиё Хасегава
  • Эпический камуфляж Бесстрашный самурай
  • Эпический аватар Сидзука Мацумото
  • Легендарный титул “Контрабандист”

Лидеров гачи Глубоководный дрон ждут не менее ценные призы:

  • Легендарный аватар Исаму Тайра
  • Редкий аватар Кагетака Манабе
  • Легендарный титул “Корсар”

As a reward for ranking prizes, players will receive exclusive event avatars and titles.

Top players from the Stash Drone will receive:

  • Legendary avatar Chiyo Hasegawa
  • Epic camouflage Fearless Samurai
  • Epic avatar Shizuka Matsumoto
  • Legendary title “Smuggler”

Top players from the Deep Dive Drone leaderboard will receive:

  • Legendary avatar Isamu Taira
  • Rare avatar Kagetaka Manabe
  • Legendary title “Corsair”

We hope this information will help you as you work your way through the Event Pass in search of the rarest rewards.

Good luck, Commanders!