Update 0.78 Phoenix Raid

New Battle Pass season, balance changes, favorites filter for ships, unique customization - this and much more awaits you in the April update.

Battle Pass: Phoenix Raid

  • The new season of the Battle Pass is available from April 1 to April 30. Discover the opportunity to complete 40 BP stages, each of which gives you access to valuable prizes.
  • Become the best and get the main award of the season - South Korean frigate ROKS FFX Batch III.
  • The main reward of the season can be obtained by absolutely all players who have completed the Battle Pass to the end.
  • Buying the Premium Battle Pass will unlock 5 stages of the BP, immediately unlocking the opportunity to get the unique reward of the fourth stage - the epic avatar of Lee Kyung Soo.
  • Buying the VIP Battle Pass unlocks 10 stages of BP and immediately unlocks access to 4 unique rewards, which we'll talk about below.
  • Complete daily missions and unlock unique rewards, including the epic ROKS FFX Batch III frigate !

ROKS FFX Batch III Frigate:

T3, available in the free part of the Battle Pass.


  1. SSM-750K Sea Dragon missiles [2x1] (locked)
  2. Hycore hypersonic missiles. [2x1]
  3. Mark-45-Mod 4 (127 mm) gun. [1x1]
  4. Mark-48 (533 mm) torpedoes. [2x1]
  5. Mark-48 (533 mm) torpedoes [2x1]
  6. Helicopter "MUH-1 Marineon" [1x1]
  7. Sea RAM Air Defense [2x1]
  8. MK 38 Mod 4 (30mm) autocannon. [7x1] (locked)
  9. LSAM Air Defense [1x1] (locked)


Further development of a programme to build low-profile, multi-role frigates for the South Korean Navy. The Batch III version of the frigates is equipped with an advanced air defence system and improved target detection systems. The ship carries a wide range of missile and torpedo weapons. The ship's missile armament consists of two slots, each with two missiles. The first slot is equipped with South Korea's exclusive SSM-750K Sea Dragon short-range tactical strike missiles with advanced jet propulsion. The missiles quickly reach maximum speed and have a relatively fast reload time, allowing them to effectively distract enemy air defences and provoke a potential target into releasing an LTC. The second free missile slot carries a pair of South Korean Hycore hypersonic missiles, which are most productive while enemy air defences are busy neutralising SSM-750K Sea Dragon missiles. For the effective fight against submarines on board, there are 2 separate and free torpedo bays with "Mark-48" basic torpedoes of 533mm calibre. The frigate is well protected against air threats. The ship's air defence is represented by 2 free points with Sea RAM missile systems, pre-installed South Korean "LSAM" silo-based anti-aircraft system, as well as exclusive US "Mk 38 Mod 4" 30mm calibre automatic naval guns capable of engaging both surface and air targets at close range.

KB-X bomber:

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


  1. Sky Dragon hypersonic missiles.
    South Korean air-to-ground air-launched hypersonic missile.
  2. KGGB guided bombs.
    South Korean air-launched guided bomb equipped with a folding wing guidance and correction module and an inertial-satellite guidance unit.
  3. Tiger Shark (533mm) torpedoes.
    Aircraft version of the South Korean heavy torpedo. Capable of countering the release of decoys.


Design of an advanced supersonic bomber for the South Korean Air Force. The bomber's excellent flight characteristics allow it to effectively conduct wide-area reconnaissance operations to locate and subsequently neutralise surface and underwater targets. For long-range engagement of surface targets, the bomber's side bays are equipped with Sky Dragon hypersonic missiles, which are difficult to intercept by air defence systems due to their high speed in all phases of flight. The rear compartment contains four South Korean KGGB guided bombs, equipped with a guidance and correction module with folding wings and an inertial satellite guidance unit. These munitions do not react to the release of thermal decoys. The upper part of the fuselage is equipped with a lifting aerodynamic brake, which allows the aircraft's speed to be significantly reduced, making it easier to fire at submarines, especially in the submerged position. The forward compartment of the bomber carries four 533mm calibre Tiger Shark heavyweight torpedoes. These torpedoes do not have a high speed, but the torpedo guidance module successfully counteracts the release of decoys and guarantees the realisation of potential damage.

KAI-LAH helicopter:

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


  1. M197 (20mm) aircraft cannon.
    Three-barrelled electric rotary Gatling gun of 20 mm calibre. Equipped with a high-capacity magazine and capable of firing until overheating.
  2. Cheon-geom anti-tank missile launcher.
    South Korean modular anti-tank rocket launcher.
  3. Double LAU-68 (70 mm) launcher with UAM.
    Container with unguided missiles.
  4. Mark-54 (324 mm) torpedoes.
    Light anti-submarine torpedo. The Mk 54 was created by combining the Mark-50 and Mark-46 torpedoes.


South Korean compact twin-engine multi-role attack helicopter. The presented armament allows the helicopter to fight against all types of targets. To engage enemy ground and air vehicles, the nose of the helicopter is equipped with a triple-barrelled "M197" "Gatling" electric rotary cannon of 20 mm calibre, equipped with a large-capacity magazine and capable of continuous firing until overheating. A pair of "Mark-54" light torpedoes is on board for work on submarines. Also mounted on the helicopter's consoles are two "LAU-68" containers with 70 mm calibre unguided missiles and two advanced South Korean "Cheon-geom" modular anti-tank missile launchers, capable of hitting targets from distances that do not require the helicopter to enter the enemy's air defence zone.

Drone KUS-FS:

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


  1. KALCM air-to-ground cruise missile.
    Long-range air-to-surface guided missile.
  2. AGM-65K air-to-surface missile.
    An American air-launched anti-ship missile with an improved homing system.
  3. Quickstrike ER mines.
    Air-launched mines with extended range for use against submarines and surface targets.


South Korean medium-altitude, long-range, turboprop-powered attack drone. This version of the drone is also designed to detect and neutralise surface and underwater targets. A pair of KALCM long-range guided cruise missiles are designed to engage surface targets. The missiles are equipped with a rather impressive warhead and cause additional damage to the area if hit. American AGM-65K compact anti-ship missiles with an improved homing system and rapid reloading are capable of hitting surface targets at medium range, do not respond to the release of false thermal targets and can only be intercepted by air defence systems. For anti-submarine warfare, the drone carries six Quickstrike ER air-launched mines with extended range, equipped with a planning module and operating on a "release and forget" principle, which greatly facilitates target handling.

Tiger Shark torpedo (533mm):

T3, available in the Premium Battle Pass.


South Korean heavy torpedo. Capable of countering the release of decoys.

Epic Soaring Crane camouflage :

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

Great glide, pleasing elegance.

Legendary Evolution Camouflage:

Available in the VIP Battle Pass.

The pinnacle of energetic evolution.

Rare Oriental Camouflage:

Available in the free part of the Battle Pass.

An elegant disguise with an oriental touch.

Jinjoo's legendary avatar:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

The mysterious mermaid.

Lee Kyung-Soo's epic avatar:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

Rising K-pop star.

Minji Kang's rare avatar:

Available in the free part of the Battle Pass.

An experienced Korean female pilot.

Country flags have been added:

In this update, the flags of the following countries will become available for free sale for gold:

  • Iraq
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Venezuela
  • Azerbaijan

Vault Battle Pass

1 new season has been added to the Pass Vault: "Sharp Blade" from 23rd August. It offers players valuable VIP rewards from previous Battle Passes, customisation, and a formidable naval fighter - the CN Type 956E Hangzhou Destroyer with a triple torpedo bay, twin main-calibre cannons, and the ability to deploy three missiles to effectively engage any target!

🛠 Additionally:

  • Korean voiceover added to the game.
  • Redesigned authorisation window.
  • Redesigned the game mode selection window.
  • Added filter for favourite ships.
  • The "Monstrous Malstrom" and "Lost City" maps have been disabled for the Squad Wars mode.
  • The map "Storm" has been taken down for rework and is temporarily disabled for "Offline Game" mode.

Balance Changelog

With the release of the update, you will see a redesign of all air defence systems. The main change will be an increase in the range of most air defence systems. Planes will be able to stay in the enemy's air defence zone longer, but it will be a bit harder to see the potential damage to ships. The full document with all the balance changes will be released later.

🛠 Bugfixes:

  • 18 bugs in project analysis fixed.
  • Player nicknames could exceed the frame limits in chat - fixed.
  • Rangefinder displayed distance to undetected ships - fixed.
  • Unavailable filter displaying available ships for use - fixed.
  • Chat scroll bar could not respond to clicks in the PC version of the game - fixed.
  • Mangusta helicopter torpedo launcher characteristics displayed - fixed.
  • Hycore missiles were falling into the water at sharp angles - fixed.
  • The window for adding a player to the blacklist via battle statistics opened below the player's statistics - fixed.
  • BA-111 Shkval torpedo could have rocket behaviour when launched - fixed.