Modern Warships: Defiance of Sands

Commanders, we invite you to participate in the new Modern Warships event - Defiance of Sands.

On the vast, arid borders of the infamous Sand Kingdom, the turmoil of fierce resource wars is unfolding. Immerse yourself in the hilly atmosphere of the new landscape, where exciting challenges await you in the thrilling Escort mode.

Event Description

  • Play in Escort, Quick Game, Offline Game, or Squad Wars modes, earn special points and earn the Precious Minerals required to complete the event.
  • There is an additional x5 bonus for the first 10 battles each day.
  • You can also purchase Boosters that last 1 hour and give 20% more Precious Minerals after matches.
  • Don't forget to do the Missions!
  • Receive Special Keys in Event Pass or event bundles.
  • Open the Special Reserve and earn rewards!
  • Collect Vivid Ore in Escort mode or by completing missions.
  • Unlock Oasis to get even more rewards.
  • The event will run from March 7 through March 22, 06:59 UTC.

Arid Frontier map

The Arid Frontier map is a ruthless arena set in the arid confines of the Sand Kingdom. Amidst the vast, rolling dunes, players fight for survival and control of resources, embroiled in fierce factional warfare where strategy becomes a key element in a ruthless and unpredictable landscape.

Escort mode

Here, the battle revolves around a strategic cargo. The goal of the escort team is to deliver the cargo to the port, and the goal of the interception team is to destroy it. The team that completes the mission wins.

  • Maps for the mode: Arid Frontier, Two Samurai, Monstrous Malström, Arctic.
  • The goal of the escort team is to deliver the cargo to the port.
  • The goal of the interception team is to destroy the cargo.
  • The cargo moves along a fixed route on the map.
  • There are checkpoints along the way.
  • When reaching a checkpoint, the escort team changes the resurrection point.
  • The escort team receives points for each checkpoint they pass.
  • The interception team gets points for each cargo destroyed.
  • Victory is achieved by completing the task set for the team.

Event Rewards

The main reward of the event will be the Italian all-weather attack helicopter - the A129 CBT Mangusta. It has good survivability and impressive armament. The helicopter's armament configuration is primarily aimed at active countermeasures against surface targets. For close combat, the helicopter is equipped with a 20mm M-197 Gatling gun system with very high damage. Also indispensable in close combat are 2 LAU-61 blocks for firing 70mm NAR rounds with a redesigned fire mode. This system automatically fires a full salvo with 1 click. At medium range, the Israeli Spike ER multifunction anti-tank missile system can be used effectively against enemy aircraft. For long-range combat, the helicopter's consoles are equipped with a modernised American heavy anti-tank missile system with BGM-71F missiles and an Israeli multi-purpose multi-platform missile system with laser target designation. Skilled and timely use of these systems can inflict considerable damage on the enemy.

This helicopter can be obtained by absolutely all players who have completed the Event Pass!

As the event progresses, players will have access to the Turkish ASWRocket anti-submarine launcher. The high speed of the projectiles and the fast reloading will allow you to effectively fight not only submarines but also torpedoes. There are also unique rewards for fans of ship and profile customisation: the Solar Dune flag, the Jo Ha'sano avatar and the Clan Navigator title.

The Ocean Ascendancy Bundle introduces an innovative concept for a versatile and stealthy battleship, the Pan Spatial Teton. Named after the mountain range of the same name in North America, the Teton symbolises unparalleled power, unyielding strength and true greatness. Unpretentious in both enemy type and range, the Teton's formidable armament allows it to emerge victorious from any battle.

  • You can purchase Pan Spatial Teton during the event.
  • The greater the progress of the Event Pass, the more favorable the purchase will be!
  • The maximum discount is 90%. You can get this battleship only once during the event.

Sand Chronicles Bundle

The set includes the legendary Sand Chronicles сamouflage, the legendary All-Seeing Eye flag, 25 special keys needed to participate in the Special Reserve, and 5 boosters.

Special Reserve

Commander Bar'lay, a seasoned strategist skilled in the art of warfare, has amassed countless treasures throughout his adventures. Unlock them and reap exquisite rewards.

  • DDX, the Italian Navy's new destroyer. The ship combines a large number of artillery and missile systems.
  • The advanced heavy torpedo for the Turkish Navy is the Akya. Equipped with active and passive sonar homing heads, it is capable of acoustic countermeasures against any anti-submarine defence system.
  • Heavy attack helicopter - AP Phoenix, carrying weapons to destroy any ground targets.
  • Rare Solar Dune Flag
  • Epic Yellow Hypnosis camouflage.
  • Artсoins, Boosters, Upgrade Points and Vivid Ore.

The super prize of the lottery is an advanced French nuclear submarine under development - the FS SNLE 3G. The new, powerful nuclear reactor with a single propeller shaft gives it a high cruising speed and makes it quite mobile on the battlefield. An encounter with such an underwater predator on the high seas is unlikely to bode well.


Kor Korvet, a respected merchant who has honored our oasis with his presence. He has brought many rare and unique items and is willing to trade with you for them.

  • MirageIVP - French supersonic strategic bomber with nuclear weapons on board.
  • MI-28NM - modernization of the Russian all-weather attack helicopter Mi-28. New engines and on-board equipment have been installed.
  • Epic camouflage Goldfish
  • Artcoins, dollars, repair kits, special keys and precious minerals needed to pass the pass.

As a reward for ranking prizes, players will receive exclusive event avatars.

Top players from the Special Reserve leaderboard will receive:

  • Legendary Hambi Coal avatar.
  • Epic avatar Commander Bar'lay.
  • Rare avatar Kor Koreto.
  • Legendary Title "Voice of the Ancestors".

Top players from the Oasis leaderboard will receive:

  • Legendary Title "Sand Assassin".
  • Legendary Lady Senna avatar.
  • Epic Fog of War camouflage.

We hope this information will help you as you work your way through the Event Pass in search of the rarest rewards.

Good luck, Commanders!