Modern Warships: Metal Frost (0.74.0)

Join us for some terribly cold but undeniably exciting winter fun.

Event description

Get ready for the Christmas of a lifetime in this breathtakingly brutal event!

Play in Escort, Quick Game, Offline Game, or Squad Wars mode to earn special points and Candy canes.

There is an additional x5 bonus for the first 10 battles each day.

Escort mode gives you the most points.

Collect extra Candy canes, gold and Frost Keys by completing Krampus' Errands and opening the Frosty Chest to take part in the event rankings. You can also get Frost Keys by purchasing special offers.

Trade Milk and Cookies with Santa for rewards!

You can get Milk and Cookies in Jingle Passes or special offers.

Event runs from the 13th to the 27th of December at 06:59 UTC.

Escort mode

Here the battle revolves around a strategic cargo. The goal of the escort team is to deliver the cargo to the port, and the goal of the interception team is to destroy it. The team that completes the mission wins.

  • Maps for the mode: Two Samurai, Monstrous Maelstrom, Arctic.
  • The goal of the Escort team is to escort the convoy to the port.
  • The goal of the Interception team is to destroy the convoy.
  • The convoy moves on a predetermined route through several checkpoints.
  • Completion of a checkpoint gives the Escort team points and changes its respawn points.
  • The Interception team gets points for each destroyed convoy ship.
  • The team that completes its goal first - wins.

Event Rewards

The main reward of the Metal Frost event will be the Mi-24 SuperHind Mk.III helicopter, an improved version of the famous Crocodile. This vehicle is armed with modern South African ZT3 Ingwe laser-guided multi-purpose missiles with extended range, as well as ZT6 Mokopa light air-to-ground anti-ship missiles with more powerful warheads. These are complemented by 80mm NARs and a turret with a 20mm Vektor F2 air cannon.

This helicopter can be obtained by absolutely all players who have completed the Jingle Pass to the end.

During the event, players will unlock a rare flag "Mischief Master", epic avatar Elf, American experimental laser air defence system - THEL and other valuable rewards.

In response to numerous requests from our players, we are adding to the game a modernisation project for the legendary battleship Bismark - a symbiosis of outstanding qualities of the past and present. Anti-submarine and missile armament, a wide range of air defence systems on the perimeter of the ship and reinforced main and secondary calibres. All armaments are integrated into the updated hull, while the ship retains its recognisability in the new look.

  • You can purchase Bismark during the holiday event in the Steel Bash bundle.
  • The greater the progress of the Jingle Pass, the more favourable the purchase will be! The maximum discount is 90%.
  • You may not get this ship more than once during the event.

Glaciation Bundle

Scalding cold, chilling as the heart of an iceberg, the bundle contains the unique Cryokinesis skin available for Battleship Moscow, the Candy and lights flag, and the 25 Milk and Cookies needed to open Santa's Bag.

Santa's Bag

The mighty Santa sits on his throne. Beside him stands a giant bag filled with gifts of every kind beyond imagination. But what is the key to unlocking his secrets? Simply bring Santa Milk and Cookies, and you'll be rewarded with gifts beyond your wildest dreams.

  • Japanese aircraft carrier JS Izumo
  • Turkish anti-submarine launcher ASW Rocket
  • Legendary Candies and Lights flag
  • Artcoins needed to make transactions on the market.
  • Candies and additional Milk and Cookies required to pass the Ringing Pass

The super prize of the lottery is the USS Battlecruiser 2000, an American ship built using stealth technology. It is armed with an impressive missile arsenal, reliable air defence systems and a Comanche attack helicopter.

Frosty chest

Krampus - the well-known master of naughtiness - has really outdone himself this year. He has amassed a huge collection of rare items and locked it up in his mysteriously simple-looking Frost Chest

Use the special "Frost Keys" to open the chest, and many useful weapons will be waiting for you inside.

  • American Mark-45 ASTOR electric 483-millimetre torpedo with a nuclear warhead.
  • The new A244 SLWT lightweight torpedo with a calibre of 324 millimetres, equipped with a powerful propulsion system and capable of high maximum speed.
  • SCALP Naval long-range, multi-purpose, precision-guided, autonomously guided, solid-fuelled cruise missile.
  • Candy canes required to complete the Ringing Pass, as well as additional Milk and Cookies
  • Artcoins needed to make transactions in the marketplace.

As a reward for ranking prizes, players will receive exclusive event avatars.