Modern Warships - 0.74 Winter Standoff

We've redesigned the map, updated the look of the trading platform, and introduced a new option to disable ship customisation settings - all of this and more is in store for you in the December update!

Modern Warships - 0.74

  • The new season of the Battle Pass runs from 1st to 31st December. Discover the opportunity to complete 40 BP stages, each of which will give you access to valuable prizes.
  • Be the best and win the season's grand prize - the Destroyer USS Michael Monsoor (DDG-1001)!
  • The Season Grand Prize is available to all players who have completed the Battle Pass to the end.
  • Purchasing the Premium Battle Pass unlocks 5 stages of the Battle Pass, giving you the opportunity to receive the unique fourth stage reward - the epic Fabian Keller avatar.
  • Buying the VIP Battle Pass unlocks 10 stages of the Battle Pass and immediately gives you access to 4 unique rewards, which we'll talk about below.
  • Complete daily missions and unlock unique rewards, including the epic USS Michael Monsoor (DDG-1001)!

An updated Lost City map:

We always listen to what our players want, and this time was no exception! After carefully studying your suggestions for game maps, we have decided to revise and refresh outdated maps in several stages.

We are ready to present you with a global update of the Lost city map - the first completely redesigned map. The updated map, set against a fiery evening sky before sunset, features the popular Tornado, which moves slowly across the map, dealing critical damage to any equipment it encounters, as well as skyscrapers, some of which can be leveled. In the new format, a post-apocalyptic coastal metropolis is surrounded by a group of winding islands with small coves where you can hide while waiting for the enemy. The sloping coastline of the islands offers a number of advantages when fighting from obstructions, as most of the ship's hull can be hidden behind the island and the height of the shore is sufficient to fire most types of weapons. You will see the once majestic suspension bridge, now partially destroyed, but still able to play a key role due to its location. The supports of the bridge are still strong and can be used to defend ships. We hope you enjoy the new map and that it brings you many positive emotions.

The destroyer USS Michael Monsoor (DDG-1001):

T3, available in the free part of the Battle Pass.


  1. "NSM" missiles [2x1] (locked)
  2. CHAMP missiles. [2x1]
  3. "AGS-155 Block I (155mm)" guns. [2x1] (locked)
  4. "Mark-48 (533mm)" torpedoes. [2x1]
  5. Helicopter "RAH-66 Comanche" [1x1]
  6. Autocannons "Oerlikon Millennium (35 mm)" [2x1]
  7. Sea RAM air defence system [2x1]
  8. RIM-161 Block IIB" air defence system. [2x1] (locked)


Zumwalt missile destroyer class ship with improved weapon systems and stealth technology. On-board equipment has been replaced with more advanced and compact equipment, allowing additional weapons to be placed on the ship. The ship is equipped with two points for torpedo armament placement, which will significantly expand its tactical capabilities. Two pre-installed NSM missiles with a total salvo of 4 missiles, fast rate of climb and excellent reloading speed will leave no time for the enemy to respawn. AGS-155 Block I rail guns of 155mm calibre are mounted in the front of the ship. This placement of the guns is very good for the overall accuracy of the 2 guns and allows you to comfortably play from cover. The guns fire in manual mode, where for one reload you can fire 2 separate volleys of 3 shots each, which allows you to fire at different targets if necessary. The ship's air defence is reinforced with exclusive and advanced RIM-161 Block IIB anti-aircraft missiles.

Pan Spatial Dragon Wing Helicopter:

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


  1. DW Gauss cannon "DW Gauss (35mm)"
  2. RT-AU unguided air-to-surface missile.
  3. RT-AS air-to-surface missile.
  4. DW LAU-70 (70mm)" unguided air-to-surface missile
  5. Air-to-air missile "RT-AA"


A variable geometry aircraft designed to provide the versatility and capabilities of a helicopter combined with the range and survivability of a fixed wing aircraft. It has an impressive array of armaments and is primarily designed to engage surface targets. The attack should begin with RT-AS missiles, which can be launched beyond the range of enemy air defences. Several types of unguided missiles are carried for short range attacks: 4 RT-AU 170mm rockets built into the fuselage and a pair of DW LAU-70 (70mm) units with 70mm rockets will unleash a hail of shells on the target. The accurate DW Gauss (35mm) aircraft cannon does considerable damage to enemy ships, but tends to overheat quickly. In skilled hands, with proper control, it can do impressive damage. The RT-AA air-to-air missiles have an excellent range, do not react to the release of FTTs (false thermal targets) and will intercept the enemy on approach.

TB-001A Scorpion drone:

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


  1. CM-502KG air-to-surface missile.
  2. JK-2 air-to-surface missile
  3. FT-10 air-to-surface missile.
  4. FT-7A guided bomb


Chinese medium-altitude strike drone with a long flight duration. Developed based on the original TB-001. An additional engine is installed in the tail section, making this drone one of the fastest turboprop drones and increasing its maximum payload. The drone's armament is easy to implement and involves long and medium range operations, which certainly adds a bit more survivability to the drone. JK-2" missiles in the quantity of 4 units are laser-guided with the possibility of changing the target at any stage of flight. The "CM-502KG" and "FT-10" missiles quickly reach maximum speed and have good damage. To successfully launch the 250kg FT-7A precision-guided bomb, you need to get a little closer to the target.

Bofors M/42 (152mm) cannon:

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


Swedish 152mm calibre double barrelled naval gun. In active service for 70 years. Excellent for sniper fire. Excellent accuracy and range allow you to place shells precisely on target, and two shots per volley and increased critical damage probability significantly increase your chances of winning the battle.

Seahawk Sigma autocannon (30mm):

T3, available in the Battle Pass Premium.


Hybrid automated active ship defence system. The system's automated rapid-fire cannons and rockets fire at air and surface targets. This system can significantly boost a ship's defences and increase its survivability under heavy enemy fire.

Su-25 UBP Frogfoot Strike Fighter:

T2, available in the free part of the Battle Pass.


  1. Aircraft gun "GSH-30-1 (30 mm)"
  2. X-29 air-to-surface missile
  3. B-8 M1 unguided air-to-surface missile.
  4. R-60 air-to-air missile


Legendary Soviet flying tank. Combat trainer, deck version with hook. For some time this modification was part of the air wing of the aircraft carrier cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov. The aircraft's armament consists of the classic GSH-30-1 30mm calibre air cannon, X-29 medium-range anti-ship missiles, R-60 air-to-air missiles for intercepting enemy aircraft and 6 B-8 M1 hanging containers for launching 70mm calibre unguided missiles at close range. A large number of unguided rockets in a salvo and rapid reloading will not only inflict considerable damage on the enemy, but will most likely demoralise them. Such an encounter will be remembered for a long time.

Legendary Magical Realm Camouflage:

Available in the VIP Battle Pass. Can be applied to all ships.

Peer into the dimension hidden beneath the ice with this truly magical camouflage.

Epic Wild Bond Camouflage:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass. Can be applied to all ships.

Explore new horizons and get back to the roots of outstanding natural balance with this camouflage. Let the breathtaking effects show you the true nature of the wild lands.

Rare Blizzard camouflage:

Available in the free part of the Battle Pass. Can be applied to all ships.

Wear this camouflage to get into the spirit of winter, unparalleled blizzards and frosty adventures.

Victor Dumont's legendary avatar:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

A seasoned veteran of military Arctic expeditions and a distinguished admiral. One of the pioneers of the Special Arctic Programme, he explored vast uncharted territories, established over a hundred research and training bases, and saved countless lives in the unforgiving frozen wilderness. A unique portrait from the Winter Standoff Battle Pass.

Fabian Keller's epic avatar:

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

Being able to evacuate everyone during a major snowstorm is an essential part of the job. And nobody does it better than Fabian Keller. He has worked in the Arctic for years, knows all the challenges and has seen the magnificent Northern Lights. When you need an experienced pilot to support a military Arctic expedition, you know who to turn to. A unique portrait from the Winter Standoff Battle Pass.

A rare avatar of Fredrik Martinsson:

Available in the free part of the Battle Pass.

Navigating in bitterly cold weather can be a challenge when recruiting a navigator for a military Arctic expedition. But not for Fredrik. A childhood spent in the harsh wilderness of his homeland has taught him resilience and valuable navigation skills. Today, no territory remains unexplored when Fredrik is on the case. A unique portrait from the Winter Standoff Battle Pass.

Vault Battle Pass

Two new seasons have been added to the Vault Battle Pass: the February Season and the March Season. Both will provide players with valuable VIP rewards from previous Battle Passes, customisation, and the JS Mogami and HMS Type 83, both familiar ships to players, will receive a number of enhancements to allow them to successfully compete with the most advanced ships in the modern warship world.

The JS Mogami will receive an increase in Durability Points, a more powerful radar, and will also increase its firepower with an additional torpedo launcher.

HMS Type83 already has excellent survivability and firepower, so it will be dominated by improved performance and enhanced radar detection.


  • Introduced an additional option in game settings to disable the display of all ship customization items. This option is designed to help with optimization on weak devices, and will also suit fans of the "classic" look of ships.
  • Updated Market: We have refreshed the visual style of the marketplace, making it more user-friendly and modern.
  • New languages: For players from India and the Philippines, we've added Hindi and Filipino to the game! Immerse yourself in the gameplay using your native language and chat in the respective language chat rooms.
  • New ship type limits. Added limits to the maximum number of ships allowed per room for Battleships and Ekranoplanes. Battleships have a limit of 4 ships per room and 2 per squad, while Ekranoplanes have a limit of 2 ships per room and 1 per squad. These restrictions apply fully to squad play, where a squad can have no more than 2 battleships and 1 shield plane, regardless of squad size.
  • The chat filter has been re-enabled after some tweaking. We have added a few words to the exceptions after receiving feedback from our players.

⚒ Bugfixes:

  • Fixed 29 bugs in project analysis.
  • The nicknames of players in the clan were not visible on low graphics settings — fixed.
  • When viewing ads in the premium shop, the unreceived rewards indicator could remain active — fixed.
  • Sonar effect could not be played at high graphics settings - fixed.
  • Weapon descriptions for aircraft were missing from the inventory menu - fixed.
  • CN Liren cruiser was shown as a destroyer on radar - fixed.