Modern Warships: "Seas of Prey" C02 (0.73.1)

Experience the spirit of a warrior by taking part in a game of survival and wits!

Event description

Play in Deathmatch, Quick Game, Offline Game or Squad Wars modes.

Earn the Badges needed to complete the Entrant Pass.

Every day there is an additional x5 bonus on the first 10 battles.

Deathmatch mode will give you the most points.

Complete Trials, earning additional Badges, gold and Trials Points needed to participate in the Event Leaderboards.

Unlock Treasury Drones with Lockpicks and Fobs, advance in the Leaderboards, and earn unique rewards!

The Lockpicks needed to open the Stash Drone can be obtained by completing the Entrant Pass and can also be purchased in special event offers.

Drone Fobs, which can be used to summon the Deep Dive Drone, are given as a reward for completing the Trials.

The event will run from November 10 through November 24, 05:59 UTC.

Deathmatch mode

Fight your opponents in battles where everyone is for themselves!

  • All participants in the match fight each other
  • There are 10 minutes for the battle
  • The player who first destroys 5 opponents or the player who destroyed the most opponents at the end of the battle by time wins.
  • After destroying an opponent, the player who destroyed the opponent's ship receives a full set of equipment.
  • After death, the participants are revived and continue the battle
  • When reviving, the ship receives protection for 10 seconds

Event Rewards

The main prize of the Seas of Prey King's Crest event will be a new unique Defiant X helicopter - an attack version of the helicopter with a twin-rotor coaxial carrier system and a pusher propeller in the tail. Capable of high speed, allowing to fully unleash its combat potential.

This helicopter can be obtained by absolutely all players who have completed the Entrant's Pass to the end.

As players progress through the event, they will unlock the unique "Feral Spirit" flag and avatar of Minho "Luxe" Jeong, an epic Turkish ATMACA missile, and other valuable rewards.

CN Liren - the envisioned concept of a promising Chinese cruiser of the near future. The ship is equipped with a wide range of advanced weapons, including 4 rail guns, hypersonic and ballistic missiles, and a powerful air defense system.

  • You can purchase CN Liren during the event.
  • The greater the progress of the Entrant Pass, the more favorable the purchase will be!
  • The maximum discount is 90%.
  • You can get this cruiser during the event no more than once.

Royal Dynasty Bundle

Accentuate your triumph on the battlefield with a unique look!

The set contains the unique Royal Legacy camouflage, the King's Crest flag, and the 25 lockpicks needed to open the Stash Drones.

Stash Drone

Intercept and unlock the stash drone with a lockpick to get Rare and Epic items. We've gone along with our players' requests and removed rewards such as dollars and gold from the drone:

  • Epic Japanese submarine JS Izanami
  • Modern US Army tilrotor aircraft - V-280 Valor
  • Unique "Feral Spirit" flag.
  • Entrant badges needed to complete the Event Pass, as well as additional lockpicks
  • Artcoins needed to make transactions on the Market.

The super prize of the lottery is the Roks JSS. The Joint Strike Ship is based on the KDDX project ship. The ship has no artillery armament, but is equipped with a wide range of missile weapons, including ballistic missiles.

Deep Dive Drone

Use Drone Fob to summon and unlock one of the Deep Dive drones with a valuable reward. We have put 2 new unique items in this drone at once:

  • K-76L/62 - South Korean 76mm naval gun with improved rate of fire
  • Vertical launch anti-submarine torpedo - Red Shark
  • Legendary US strategic bomber - B-21 Raider
  • Entrant badges needed to complete the Event Pass, as well as additional Drone Fobs and Lockpicks.
  • Artcoins needed to make transactions on the market.

As a reward for ranking prizes, players will receive exclusive avatars of the show's Season 2 contestants.