Update 0.73 Fury Outbreak

A new Battle Pass season, a premium mission system, UI enhancements, and much more is in store for you in the November update.

Battle Pass: Fury Outbreak

  • The new season of the Battle Pass is available from November 1 to November 30. Discover the opportunity to pass 40 stages of the BP, each of them giving you access to valuable prizes.
  • Become the best and get the main award of the season - the frigate HMS Glasgow (Type 26)!
  • All players who have completed the Battle Pass to the end can get the main award of the season.
  • Buying the Premium Battle Pass will unlock 5 stages of the Battle Pass and immediately unlock the opportunity to get the unique award of the fourth stage - the Trent Howley avatar.
  • Buying a VIP Battle Pass unlocks 10 stages of the BP and immediately unlocks access to 4 unique rewards, which we'll talk about below.
  • Complete daily missions and unlock unique rewards, including the epic frigate HMS Glasgow!

HMS Glasgow (Type 26) frigate class ship

T3, available in the free part of the Battle Pass.


  1. RGM-84 Harpoon Block II missiles [2x1] (locked)
  2. MK2/E missiles [2x1]
  3. "MK8 Mod 2 (155mm)" cannon [1x1] (locked)
  4. Torpedoes "Spearfish (533mm)" [2x1]
  5. Helicopter "RAH-66 Comanche" [1x1]
  6. Autocannons "Bofors Mk4 (40mm)" [2x1] (locked)
  7. "SeaRAM" air defence [1x1]
  8. "HELS Laser" air defense [5x1] (locked)
  9. "Aster-30 Block 0" [1x1] (locked)


City-class frigate under construction for the UK Royal Navy, due to enter service in 2026. The ship's primary roles will be anti-submarine warfare, air defence and general purpose. The ship is equipped with exclusive RGM-84 Harpoon Block II medium-range missiles with enhanced resistance to electronic countermeasures. With 4 missiles in a salvo, rapid reloading and the inability to be deflected by traps, the RGM-84 Harpoon Block II is extremely effective in combat. The MK8 Mod 2 155mm calibre artillery gun will also impress you with its excellent accuracy, range and projectile velocity. The ship's air defence is reinforced by a wide variety of advanced equipment. Bofors Mk4 autocannons and HELS lasers are used primarily against aircraft, while SeaRAM and Aster-30 missile defence systems repel enemy missile attacks.

Su-35S Flanker-E strike fighter

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


  1. "9A1-4071K (30mm)" aircraft gun
  2. Air-to-surface missile "3M-14AE"
  3. X-38 air-to-surface missile.
  4. S-25OFM unguided air-to-surface missiles.
  5. R-77 ME air-to-air missile


Multi-purpose super-maneuverable attack aircraft with controlled thrust vectoring. Equipped with missile armament for complex missions. It can successfully perform the functions of a fighter to gain air supremacy by destroying enemy aircraft with the advanced R-77 ME air-to-air missile, which is the most damaging of its analogues. To fight enemy ships on board, there is a high-precision long-range missile 3M-14AE with decent speed and strength indicators. For short-range combat, there is a pair of X-38 missiles with fast reloading and a high chance of using up all the ammunition in a short time. In addition to these missiles, there are 4 containers of 240mm S-25OFM unguided missiles on board, which hit the target accurately and are guaranteed to cause serious damage.

Pan Spatial Spyder Wing Drone

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


  1. Aviation laser "SWL (100 kW)"
  2. AGM-176 Griffin B air-to-surface missile.
  3. SWHG hypersonic air-to-surface missile


A new generation attack drone project with vertical take-off and landing capability. The drone's advanced aerodynamic mechanics provide the best speed and manoeuvrability, while the ability to hover in the air provides more tactical options in combat. Built into the wing consoles are powerful SWL aviation lasers, each rated at 100 kilowatts, designed to engage surface and air targets. For long-range firing, the internal bays house a pair of SWHG hypersonic modules, which reach maximum speed almost instantaneously and inflict significant damage on surface targets. For medium and close range, the drone's bays carry a large inventory of AGM-176 Griffin B lightweight multi-purpose missiles. Firing 8 missiles in a single salvo increases the chance of penetrating the ship's air defences and causing potential damage.

MGM-140 NTACMS missile

T3, available in the VIP Battle Pass.


A naval version of the solid-propellant ballistic missile with a cluster warhead for installation in the vertical silos of warships. The missile's excellent range and high speed make it effective at any range. After launch, the missile quickly gains altitude, which is acceptable for firing from low obstacles. As the missile approaches the target, it disintegrates into small sub-munitions, causing additional damage to the enemy.

RUR-5C ASROC grenade launcher

T3, available in the Premium Battle Pass.


An improved version of the American RUR-5B ASROC multiple launch rocket system. An additional unit with 4 launch cells was added, bringing the total number of projectiles to 12. Reloading times and delays between projectile launches have been significantly reduced by firing 6 projectiles in a salvo. The speed performance of the ammunition has been improved. This makes the anti-submarine gun extremely effective not only against ships and submarines, but also against approaching torpedoes.

CIWS-II (30mm) anti-air defence

T3, available in the free part of the Battle Pass.


South Korea's latest anti-aircraft weapon with a high-speed Gatling gun. It has the best range against air targets of any cannon and one of the highest cumulative damage per minute.

Legendary Camouflage Late Fall

Available in the VIP Battle Pass. Can be applied to all ships.

Autumn knows how to go out in style. Behold its final patterns in this camouflage highlighted with captivating effects.

Epic Camouflage Theatrical Duality

Available in the Premium Battle Pass. Can be applied to all ships.

There are two sides to every story. What could be a better illustration of that if not theater. Sit tight and enjoy the performance.

Rare Camouflage A Vicious Game

Available in the free part of the battle pass. Can be applied to all ships.

Sometimes, survival takes radical measures, but a guiding light, perhaps a tune, can save you from getting lost in the darkness. You’ve been selected to be a participant of this vicious game. Will you endure?

Trent Howley's epic avatar

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

Leader of a Special Operator Unit created under a secret government program. By using an experimental technological setup, he acts as a pathfinder for new and safer ways of carrying out the missions and operating unmanned furies. His unit brings significant results and often collaborates with spec-op units. Unique portrait from the "Fury Outbreak" Battle Pass.

Dmitry Berezov's epic avatar

Available in the Premium Battle Pass.

Dmitry comes from a family of renown aviation engineers. He knew that his career path belonged to this field as well, however, his heart demanded something more daring. Thus, after graduating the special program, he got recruited by a department of experimental bleeding edge prototypes where he has been thriving ever since. Unique portrait from the "Fury Outbreak" Battle Pass.

Randall Wiley's rare avatar

Available in the free part of the Battle Pass.

King of the Galley and just a delightful lad. Willey has been a part of the kitchen brigade for over 20 years. Combining passion and duty he came a long way from a simple line cook to the esteemed Culinary Specialist. Be sure to try his stew! Unless you’ve crossed him in the past, then don’t try it…under any circumstances. Unique portrait from the "Fury Outbreak" Battle Pass.

Flags added:

  • Netherlands
  • Peru
  • Austria
  • Romania


  • A new mechanic has been added - the title system. New titles will be added to the game in the near future, awarded for various achievements.
  • A number of game windows have been redesigned in response to player feedback.
  • The " Equipment " button is available again in the main menu.
  • Daily rewards have been redesigned. Access to the rewards window is now available via a button from the main menu.
  • Premium Mission System. When upgrading a Battle Pass to Premium or VIP, two additional missions become available to the player, which can be completed in any mode.
  • Improving the informativeness of in-game offerers.

⚒ Bugfixes:

  • Made changes to 27 bugs in the project analysis.
  • After unblocking, chat was only available after restarting the game - fixed.
  • Incorrect VFX display on the USS Arsenal ship within the Monitor skin - fixed.
  • After logging out of the active session in the authorisation window, the game would load endlessly when logging back in - fixed.
  • The FS PANG icon on the mini-map has been corrected to show the correct icon for his class.