Modern Warships: From the Deep (0.72.1)

Explore the infested waters of Mystery Bay. Pick up containers of power-ups to win over your opponents in the updated Domination mode!
Find Precious Pumpkins and Bizarre Fish to try your luck and earn valuable prizes!

Event description

Play in "Domination", "Quick Game", "Offline Game" or "Squadron Wars" modes.

Earn the Toxic Vials needed to complete the Mutated Pass.

Every day there is an additional x5 bonus on the first 10 battles in all modes.

Earn Precious Pumpkins and exchange them for treasures in Gary's Treasury. Advance in the rankings to earn unique event avatars and other valuable rewards. Pumpkins can be obtained by completing the Mutated Pass and can also be purchased in special event offerings.

Collect Bizarre Fish to bring them to the well to feed Stephan. Get Epic and Legendary items in exchange! Bizarre Fish can be obtained by fighting in Domination mode and by completing Errands.

Complete the Errands, earning additional Toxic Vials, Gold and Bizarre Fish.

The event will take place from October 13 to 27, 05:59 UTC.

Domination mode

Battle your opponents in the updated Domination mode. Capture points and revive after death!

  • Maps for Mode: Mystery Bay
  • Each player has 3 lives
  • At the beginning of the battle, teams start with 500 skrimish points each.
  • A death in the team deducts 20 skrimish points.
  • There are three control points on the map.
  • To capture a point, sail into its zone with your ship.
  • Capture is halted if players from opposing teams are within the zone simulaneously.
  • Containers with various bonuses and buffs are scattered across the map.
  • Victory is achieved by depleting the enemy's skrimish points to 0 or eliminating all their ships.

Map for Mode - Mystery Bay

Event Rewards

The main award of the "From the Deep" event will be the MQ-25 Stingray-X. Based on an unmanned aerial refueling aircraft, this drone has a very successful design and excellent flight and combat characteristics

This drone can be obtained by absolutely all players who have completed the Mutated Pass to the end.

As the event progresses, players will unlock the unique Ancient Evil flag and the avatar "Not Turtle Diver", the epic Oerlikon HEL laser air defense system, and other valuable rewards.

RF Admiral Isakov - Project of a modern multifunctional Russian battleship with two three-gun turrets arranged in a linear elevated pattern in the bow. The battleship is equipped with a wide range of anti-submarine and missile weapons in addition to six new 280mm caliber guns. She is a serious threat to enemy ships at all ranges.

  • You can purchase RF Admiral Isakov during the event.
  • The greater the progress of the Mutated Pass, the more favorable the purchase will be!
  • The maximum discount is 85%. You can get this battleship during the event no more than once.

Abyssal Inferno Bundle

A terrifying failed experiment has escaped! He lurks in the waters stalking his next prey. Rumors say, if you put on his mighty skin, you will take his place and lurk those dark murky waters forever..

This bundle contains the unique Spectral Guestcamouflage, the Luminescent Predator flag, and the 40 Pumpkins required to exchange for treasure at Gary's.

Gary's Treasury

A storage room masked as an electrical room with a fake sigh. Bring Gary Precious Pumpkins and exchange them for Epic and Legendary items!

  • South Korean grenade launcher PKX-B (130MM)
  • Experimental Chinese cannon H/PJ-29 6-barrel (76MM)
  • Unique "Luminescent Predator" flag.
  • Toxic Vials required to complete the Event Pass, as well as additional Pumpkins
  • Artcoins, gold, and dollars needed for purchases in the Market and the in-game store

The super prize of the lottery is FGS F124. The lead ship of the Sachsen frigate type of the German Navy. The Sachsen class frigate is designed on the basis of the F123 "Branderburg" class frigate, but with the application of stealth technology and changes in the composition of the radio-technical armament. Ships of this class are optimized for anti-air and anti-submarine warfare.

Stephen's Well

Stephen is the Aquatics' pet. He lives in his cozy moisty "well" and feeds on bizarre mutated fish. Stephen also likes shiny things and tends to hide them in his lair. However, he is willing to exchange them for treats. Feed Stephen with Bizarre Fish and get Epic and Legendary items!

  • Legendary anti-aircraft missile-artillery system GARPUN (30MM)
  • Epic cruise missile Scalp Naval
  • Chinese experimental grenade launcher Type 726-4A
  • Legendary Japanese heavy torpedo Type 89 (533MM)
  • Toxic Vials required to complete the Event Pass, as well as an additional Bizarre Fish.
  • Artcoins, gold and dollars needed for purchases in the marketplace and in-game store

Event leaderboard rewards

Unique "contaminated" avatars:

  • Agnus Light
  • Gary From "Electrical"
  • Sandra Fin
  • Stephen Octovitz

"Toxic Whisper"- an epic camouflage rewarded to players ranked 1-30 in Stephen's rankings.