New Anti-Submarine Mechanics

In this article, we will provide details on several new mechanics that will be available to all players starting with update 0.72.

I. Anti-submarine missiles and anti-submarine systems


New gameplay mechanics, mainly focused on surface ships fighting submarines. It can also be fully utilized against any surface targets, including submarines. It is a fast delivery of torpedoes to the target on a missile carrier, where at some distance from the target the torpedo is separated from the missile carrier and descends to the water surface on a parachute.

Experienced players know that we already have some of these weapons in the game, but they were not working correctly. We focused on giving this equipment realistic behavior to give players a wider horizon of tactical possibilities in core gameplay and variability in combat strategy, as well as expand the methods of fighting submarines and beyond.

Key Points:

The game assumes equipment both for installation in missile slots, where missiles are launched from missile silos or containers, and specialized launch turrets for installation in slots with bombs. You can find this equipment in the appropriate sections: anti-submarine missiles can be found and purchased in the section of the store with missiles, and anti-submarine missile systems in the section with bombs and multiple launch rocket systems.

The operation of the equipment can be divided into 3 stages:

  • Stage 1 - largely repeats the behavior of the basic missile, where the torpedo is delivered to the target by the missile carrier. If the target is too close at launch, the missile only gains a certain altitude and proceeds to stage 2.
  • Stage 2 - when reaching a certain distance to the target, the torpedo separates and begins the parachute-landing stage.
  • Stage 3 - after the parachute landing, the torpedo behavior does not differ from the behavior of classic torpedoes in the game.

We reworked the current equipment to fit the new behavior, rebalanced it, and left the acquisition access and prices the same. Equipment that has undergone the changes:

  • RUM-139 Swarmer
  • YU-8
  • Type-07 SUM

We have taken into account the wishes of players and added an Indian anti-submarine missile for T2 ships (purchase for in-game currency in the equipment store in the Missiles section):

  • SMART (324mm)

New anti-submarine systems (purchased for in-game currency in the equipment store in the Grenade Launchers section):

  • Ikara (324mm) - for T3
  • Malafon (533mm) - for T2

II. Torpedo Countermeasures


A new consumable for use in battle. Designed exclusively for use on submarines. Underwater traps are released on the sides of the submarine to shoot down the guidance of fired torpedoes.

With the introduction of this consumable we want to increase the value and competitiveness of the submarine class in relation to other ships and give more freedom and variability when playing submarines.

Key Points:

This consumable is used directly in battle and is available in all modes only for submarines.

When this consumable is activated, the submarine on both sides of the board releases at a certain distance false targets in the form of traps, which remain at the surface of the water and defeat the aiming of all torpedoes that were fired at the submarine.

It is necessary to take into account the obstacles in the vicinity, as the released trap can be destroyed on contact with an obstacle, so it is better to activate this consumable when there is some space around the submarine perimeter.

After releasing traps, the consumable is active for some time and all torpedoes released during this time will also be reflected.

The torpedo's course changes to the direction of the traps from its original course when the consumable is activated, and the torpedo continues to move until its "life time" expires.

The effect of the consumable applies only to those torpedoes that were launched at the submarine at the time the consumable was activated.

The player who activated the Torpedo countermeasure will not take damage from the withdrawn torpedoes when colliding with them, but allied ships should be more vigilant - the damage will be counted when colliding with them.

You can buy the consumable for in-game currency in the premium store in the section with other consumables.