Modern Warships: Secret of Pharaoh

Commanders, we invite you to take part in a new Modern Warships event - Secret of Pharaoh.

The Valley of the Kings has brought new ancient mysteries to the world. What could it be? An infinite source of energy? Long lost technology? A weapon that will help you rule the world? No one knows. But a massive race for these secrets is unfolding.

Get ready for an exhilarating journey as you unravel the mystery of the Pharaoh's tomb in the Escort mode.

Event Description

  • Play in Escort mode, Team Death Match or Squad Wars, get special points and earn the Scarabs you need to complete the event.
  • Every day there is an additional x5 bonus on the first 10 fights.
  • You can also purchase Boosters, which are valid for 1 hour and give you 20% more Scarabs after matches.
  • Don't forget to complete Missions!
  • Get Authorization Keys in Event Passes or in Special Offers.
  • Open Classified Cargo and get rewards!
  • Collect Drone Battery in Escort mode or by completing Missions.
  • Unlock the Delivery Drone to get even more rewards.
  • The event will run from 11 to 25 July, 06:59 UTC.

Escort mode

  • Maps for the mode: Arid Frontier, Two Samurai, Monstrous Malström.
  • The goal of the escort team is to deliver the cargo to the port.
  • The goal of the interception team is to destroy the cargo.
  • The cargo moves along a fixed route on the map.
  • There are checkpoints along the way.
  • When reaching a checkpoint, the escort team changes the resurrection point.
  • The escort team receives points for each checkpoint they pass.
  • The interception team gets points for each cargo destroyed.
  • Victory is achieved by completing the task set for the team.

Event Rewards

The main reward of the event will be the Soviet RBU-10000 anti-submarine missile system with six 300 millimetre calibre launchers. When approaching the target, the missiles release gravity projectiles with an active acoustic guidance system that travel to the target underwater. They are much faster than torpedoes and can reliably engage the enemy both on the surface and at depth.

This missile system can be obtained by absolutely all players who have made it to the end of the Event Pass!

As the event progresses, players will gain access to the THEL air defense, the Wedjat eye flag featuring the Eye of Horus, the Narmer II avatar with a portrait of the great pharaoh, and the title Pharaoh's Heir.

Threat from the Deep Bundle

Introducing the SMART 8000 heavy destroyer! This is the Spanish Navy's promising low-observable ship, capable of carrying out any mission. It has two helicopters on board at the same time, an undeniable advantage in terms of reconnaissance and enemy detection. Its combat qualities are also top notch! It carries a dual slot of CHAMP missiles, which can be replaced with other missiles at any time. These are complemented by 3SM Tyrfing missiles with high initial speed, steep trajectory and excellent overall damage. The pre-installed 127mm calibre OTO Leonardo EMRG rail gun is also impressive, firing reinforced rounds with area damage. The ship is protected from air threats by six SIMBAD-RC mounts. Fast reloading and a large detonation radius allow effective engagement of air targets. A double slot with A244 SLWT torpedoes is designed to counter submarines.

  • You can purchase a SMART 8000 during the event.
  • The greater the progress of the Event Pass, the more favorable the purchase will be!
  • The maximum discount is 90%. You can get this destroyer only once during the event.

Treasures of Kings Bundle

Sarcophagus camouflage with animated pattern will decorate the ship with patterns characteristic of the majestic buildings of ancient Egypt, and the flag Golden Scarab carries the image of a beetle - an ancient winged symbol of the sun and rebirth. The gold of the pattern shines and shimmers brightly, attracting the attention of others.

Classified cargo

Crack open the classified cargo to get rare and epic items!

  • Type 102 underwater drone - an improved version of the basic Type 101
  • Japanese hypersonic missile HVGP (Block I)
  • American electric torpedo Mark-45 Astor
  • Pharaoh's Legacy camouflage.
  • Golden Scarab flag
  • Artcoins, boosters, authorization keys and drone battery

Pan Spatial Hexeres, the new hydrofoil frigate, is the grand prize of the draw, giving it superior performance. Thanks to a special design, the ship rises above the surface when moving, reducing water resistance and maximising handling and speed. In addition to its excellent seaworthiness, the frigate can also surprise with its armament. The 100-millimetre HXS-100 rail gun has outstanding guidance speed and accuracy. And against torpedoes and submarines, there is a compact HXS multiple rocket launcher with a relatively high rate of fire.

The ship's most distinctive feature is an experimental Pan Spatial Guntar drone helicopter. It can remotely launch the ship's SSM Scorpion missiles, and also has its own armament: its Gauss cannon can shoot at both air and surface targets. It also carries a pair of compact NAA pods.

Excellent performance and a wealth of equipment make this a versatile and truly versatile fighter that can take on any enemy on equal terms!

Delivery drone

Use the drone battery to activate the delivery drone and get valuable rewards! Inside you will find:

  • Turkish 76 millimetre artillery system - MKE 76
  • Modern modification of the UGST Physic-2 torpedo
  • Epic Sand Camouflage
  • Artcoins, Dollars, Drone Batteries, Upgrades, Authorisation Keys and Scarabs

As a reward for ranking prizes, players will receive exclusive event avatars and titles.

The top players on the Classified Cargo leaderboards will receive:

  • Legendary Avatar Anubis
  • Epic Avatar Catalina Lopez
  • The Rare Avatar Bartholomew Drake
  • The Legendary title of Desert Guardian

The best players from the Delivery drone leaderboard will receive:

  • Legendary Horus avatar
  • Epic Scarab Camouflage.
  • Legendary title of Treasure Hunter.

We hope that this information will be useful to you when passing the Event Pass and getting the rarest rewards.

Good luck, Commanders!