Modern Warships: Seas of Prey 3

Commanders, we invite you to participate in Seas of Prey Corporation - Season 3 of the legendary Modern Warships Survival Showdown!

Join the elite confrontation in Seas of Prey Season 3, where victory is the ultimate goal. In this season of the show, contestants will have to prove their mettle as they battle it out in Tandem Wars mode.

Event Description

  • Play Tandem Wars, Team Deathmatch or Squad Wars modes and earn the Badges needed to complete the Event Pass.
  • Every day there is an additional x5 bonus on the first 10 battles.
  • You can also buy boosters, which last for 1 hour and give you 20% more badges after matches.
  • Complete Missions, earning additional Badges, Gold and Drone Fob needed to unlock the Deep Dive Drone and participate in the Event Leaderboard.
  • Unlock Stash Drones with Lockpicks, progress in the leaderboards, and earn unique rewards!
  • The Lockpicks needed to open the Stash Drone can be obtained by completing the Event Pass and can also be purchased in special event offers.
  • Drone Fobs, which can be used to call up a Deep Drone, are given as a reward for completing Missions and activities.
  • The event will run from April 12 through April 27, 06:59 UTC.

Tandem Wars Mode

  • Maps for the mode: Hidden Dragon, Two Samurai, Arctic, Viking Bay, Arid Frontier.
  • The mode allows solo players as well as squads with a maximum of 2 participants.
  • 10 minutes are allocated for the battle.
  • The winner is the team that scores 20 points first, or the team that has scored the most points at the end of the battle in time.
  • For destroying an enemy ship, the team is awarded 2 points.
  • For assistance in destroying an enemy ship, the team is awarded 1 point.
  • Containers with various bonuses and buffs are scattered around the map that will help you in battle.

Event Rewards

The main prize of the Seas of Prey Corporation event will be South Korea's new Hyunmoo-3C long-range supersonic anti-ship cruise missile. It travels close to the surface for most of its flight, making it much harder to intercept. It also increases the likelihood of penetrating enemy air defences by launching two missiles in a single salvo.

This missile can be obtained by absolutely all players who have passed to the end of the Event Pass!

A rare Shark flag, an Alice Richardson avatar, a rare Stripped camouflage and the epic title Triumphant will be unlocked as players progress through the event.

Stealth Vanguard Bundle

Conquer the seas with the magnificent ROKS KDDX-S destroyer. This is an advanced low-observable guided missile ship built in South Korea. Its inverted bow allows it to develop high speed and quickly take up favourable tactical positions at the start of a battle. It carries an impressive arsenal of unique weapons on board.

  • You can buy ROKS KDDX-S during the event. The more progress you make, the cheaper it will be to buy!
  • The maximum discount is 90% off.
  • You cannot get this ship more than once during an event.

Ocean Inferno Bundle

Try on the Elegance camouflage, appreciate the perfection of its style and feel the sizzling power of the Fiery Fist flag.

The set also includes 25 Lockpicks to open the Stash Drones and Boosters.

Stash Drone

Intercept and open the Stash Drone with a lockpicks to get Rare and Epic items.

  • South Korean K-76L/62 76mm naval gun.
  • Pan Spatial Dragon Wing variable geometry aircraft.
  • Haeseong III long-range cruise missile.
  • Rare "Shark" flag.
  • Legendary Gold camouflage.
  • Drone Fobs, Premium Account and Boosters with Artcoins.

The super prize of the lottery is a flat ROKS Ghost Commander, a flat twin-deck aircraft carrier of the near future. This amazing ship has a futuristic design and a number of unique features. Its stealth technology allows it to move stealthily across the battlefield. The trimaran design gives the ship excellent performance for its class and allows it to take up tactical positions quickly. The South Korean carrier was the first ship to have two separate take-off and landing decks. This made it possible to accommodate two attack drones in addition to the strike fighters and bombers. Such a powerful air group more than compensates for the lack of slots for offensive weapons, and allows you to successfully conduct a battle by attacking enemy ships only from the air. The carrier's perimeter is equipped with a variety of defensive weapons: four interchangeable 30mm Oerlikon Millenium autocannons, four interchangeable Sea RAM anti-aircraft missile systems, and five exclusive KSAM advanced missile systems that fire a pair of long-range, fast-reloading anti-aircraft missiles in a salvo. This defence arsenal, complemented by two pre-installed LSAM silo-based anti-aircraft missiles at the rear, creates a virtually impregnable dome over the carrier.

Deep Dive Drone

Use the Drone Fobs to trigger one of the Deep Dive Drones, carrying valuable rewards.

  • Attack version of the US Defiant X helicopter.
  • Israeli C-AS multi-role all-weather system.
  • Legendary Steel camouflage.
  • Badges required to complete the Event Pass, as well as additional Drone fobs and Lockpicks.
  • Artcoins and Dollars required for market transactions.

As a reward for ranking prizes, players will receive exclusive event avatars.

Top players from the Stash Drone will will receive:

  • Amanda Garcia Lee's legendary avatar
  • Epic avatar Cesar Meyer
  • Rare avatar James White
  • Legendary title "Founder"

Top players from the Deep Dive Drone leaderboard will receive:

  • Christopher Lee's legendary avatar
  • Epic Cyborg camouflage.
  • Legendary title "Guardian"

We hope this information will help you as you work your way through the Event Pass in search of the rarest rewards.

Good luck, Commanders!